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Latest in news & developments for the solar industry

Solar Panel Warranties Explained

Solar panel warranties are essential for your protection as a consumer. What should you be wary of when looking at a solar panels warranty?

Frequently Asked Questions About Solar Power

Frequently Asked Questions About Solar Power Given that solar is an investment, it is only natural to have a bunch of questions about how it works. We always encourage our…

Global Solar Community Update

Giving back to our local community through our Community Initiatives program is something we are extremely proud of here at Global Solar

The High Cost Of Cheap Solar

Investing in cheap solar might be tempting but will cost you more in the long run due to poor business practices and poor quality components
tesla powerwall certified installer

Tesla Powerwall – Certified Installer

Certified Installer Of The Tesla Powerwall Global Solar Solutions are thrilled to have been accepted as a certified installer of the Tesla Powerwall battery system. Perfect for both residential or…

AlphaESS Solar Batteries

AlphaESS has risen rapidly through the ranks to become one of the leading manufacturers of solar batteries on the market today.

Do You Need A Solar Battery?

The most common upgrade solar users will make is the installation of a solar battery so they can benefit from their solar long after the sun goes down

Solar Panel Thermal Inspection

Have you noticed a drop off in your solar system’s efficiency? If so it might be time to arrange a solar panel thermal inspection.

Off-Grid Solar With RedEarth Energy Storage

Global Solar Solutions are excited to announce a partnership with RedEarth Energy Storage to supply and install their outstanding range of solar batteries and turn-key solar packages designed for off-grid…

Broadbeach Solar Installation With Global Solar

Broadbeach Solar Installation With Global Solar Recently we carried out the installation of a complete solar power package at the Broadbeach home of BarRat from 91.9 Sea FM. The residential…

Delta EV Charger Range

Delta EV Charger Range In recent years we have seen a surge in the amount of electrical vehicles hitting the road in Australia. With this explosion has come the need…

Top 5 Solar Panels Installed in March 2021

Formbay recently published a list of the top 5 solar panels installed during march of 2021. This list was compiled using data from STC applications through the Formbay network. Having…

Green Loan With Commonwealth Bank

Recently Commonwealth Bank has announced the release of a “Green Loan” that can be used to purchase solar systems for residents across the country. This is obviously an extremely exciting…

Q CELLS Total Solutions Package

We have spent some time recently talking about the various components of solar power systems including solar inverters, solar panels and solar batteries. With all these various parts all playing…

What Is A Solar Inverter

For the most part when people think of solar they think of solar panels but rarely are people aware of what role solar inverter plays in delivering your home power…

Q CELLS Peak Duo Solar Panel Series

Recently we have added the Q CELLS Peak Duo Solar Panel series to our range of solar panels available for purchase and installation. Boasting a range of technological advancements and…
feed-in tariff

Queensland Solar Feed-in Tariff

Your solar system generates power continuously during the day. Whatever power is not used for your home is either stored in a solar battery or exported back into the traditional…
solar panel maitenance

Solar Panel Maintenance – How and When?

Solar has been around long enough now for solar panel maintenance to be something worth considering. While solar panels are typically incredibly resistant to damage and deterioration they can sometimes…
dogecoin global solar

Global Solar Solutions Now Accepts DogeCoin

Global Solar Solutions Now Accepts DogeCoin Unless you have been living under a rock you have probably heard about a cryptocurrency called DogeCoin recently. The previously somewhat unremarkable altcoin has…
victorian solar rebate

The Victorian Solar Rebate in 2021

Initially launched in August of 2018, the Victorian Solar Homes Program has seen overwhelming success in getting solar onto Victorian roofs while saving people money. The program was initially set…

Seraphim Solar Panels Overview

Seraphim Solar Panels Overview Founded in 2011, Seraphim has rapidly risen among the ranks of Chinese solar panel manufacturers to be one of the most prominent brands in the industry…
fronius solar inverter

Fronius Inverters Overview

Initially founded in Austria in 1945, Fronius was at first a manufacturer of battery chargers, transformers and welding equipment but has started manufacturing solar inverters in recent years.

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