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sungrow solar inverters

Sungrow Solar Inverters

Sungrow was established from the ground up as a PV inverter manufacturer. Their SG series are both transformerless and lightweight string inverters with Multiple Power Point Tracking. Sungrow inverters achieve higher yields with fantastic efficiency and feature surge protection and PV isolators for consumer safety.

We stock the following Sungrow Solar Inverters

  • SG5.0RT* 5KW – Three Phase
  • SG7.0RT* 7KW – Three Phase
  • SG10RT* 10KW – Three Phase
  • SG15RT* 15KW – Three Phase
  • SG20RT* 20KW – Three Phase
  • SG2K5-S Premium* 2.5KW
  • SG3K-S Premium* 3KW
  • SG3K-D Premium* 3KW
  • SG5K-D Premium* 5KW
  • SG8K-D Premium* 8KW
  • SG30CX Premium* 30KW – Three Phase
  • SG50CX Premium* 50KW – Three Phase
  • SH5K-30* 5KW – EPS Built-in
  • SH10RT* 10KW – Three Phase Hybrid

For a complete overview of Sungrow and its range of solar inverters head on over to our news page and check out this article. In it we cover the companies history, its product range and why we feel they are a great choice for those looking to take up solar power.

Our Complete Range Of Solar Inverters

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