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Broadbeach Solar Installation With Global Solar

Recently we carried out the installation of a complete solar power package at the Broadbeach home of BarRat from 91.9 Sea FM. The residential solar package was designed to meet the needs of a larger home coming in at 13.2 kW, helping to offset any grid dependencies and bring big savings to the household.

We have noticed an increase in Broadbeach solar installations in the past year and it is not without reason. As the property market booms many investors are looking to sell or renovate for increased rental charges and with this comes the need to improve the value your home possesses.

A solar power system will improve the overall value of your home and if it’s an investment property being rented it will provide the opportunity to charge more per week as the tenants get to enjoy drastically reduced power bills. It also doesn’t hurt that having a solar system installed at your Broadbeach home helps appeal to buyers and renters that are conscious of the environment.

Broadbeach Solar Installation Panel Choice: Seraphim Blade Solar Panels

For this installation we chose to use Seraphim solar panels due to their reliability and performance. Seraphim solar panels use half-cut cell technology to generate a lower current which results in less “cell to module” power loss. This means shading has less effect on the panels and has become a standard within the industry.

The panels themselves are actually 2 separate solar cell arrays that are identical. Each half has its own current path which means when shading occurs on one side of the panel the other is able to perform at full power. Less mismatching and a reduced impact of shading results in a higher power yield overall.

Seraphim panels also have a reduced hot-spot effect which is vital when installing a solar panel in a place that gets a lot of heat such as Broadbeach. While it may seem counterintuitive, solar panels do see a reduction in efficiency as they get hotter so a panel that has a higher threshold is perfect for Australian conditions.

seraphim solar install broadbeach

Broadbeach Solar Installation Inverter Choice: Sungrow Solar Inverter

The Broadbeach install was carried out using Sungrow solar inverters in order to get the most out of the panels as possible. The range of Sungrow inverters feature an industry leading efficiency of 98.4% and allow for flexible string configurations for expansion down the road and a high DC/AC ratio of up to 1.3.

When dealing with electricity safety is always a paramount concern for us at Global Solar. Sungrow inverters have built in surge arresters and are an Residual Current Device (RCD) which helps to protect against electrocution in the event of a malfunction. The have a rating of C5 when it comes to anti-corrosion which not only makes them a safer choice but means they have a longer lifespan.

Updating the firmware of the inverter is easy and Sungrow has produced new monitoring features for those who want to keep track of their solar systems performance. This includes both an app and website based monitoring tool. The Sungrow smart meter gives you a clear and concise overview of your energy consumption so you make better decisions about appliances etc.

sungrow solar install broadbeach

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Get A Quote On Solar Power For Your Broadbeach Home

If you are looking to have a solar power system installed in your Broadbeach abode we encourage you to give Global Solar a call on 1800 255 474 or contact us online. We are a local company dedicated to providing the best in both products and services within the solar industry. Our solar consultants are on hand to provide you with a range of options based around your existing power needs and what goals you might have for your solar.