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Jinko Solar Panels

JinkoSolar is one of the largest solar module manufacturers in the world. A key component of Jinko solar panels is the Tiling Ribbon which eliminates cell gaps to increase module efficiency. The inclusion of 9 bus bars means the panels experience less power loss due to micro cracks which gives them greater longevity.

The Tiger solar panel from JinkoSolar is a high performing panel. The massive 475w of power it can generate means you get the lowest LCOE and the highest IRR. They boast a respectable efficiency of 20.78%. It has half-cell technology which means it performs much better in shaded conditions compared to those without it.

The Cheetah range features slightly lower power generation with many of the same innovations that make the Tiger stand out. The Cheetah panels are extremely resiliant and was subjected to double the industry Anti-PID standard when tested, passing regardless. We believe these panels are great value for money and deliver great performance as well.

Our Jinko Solar Panel Range


  • JKM370M-60HLM 120 cells Tiger LM Mono-facial
  • JKM370M-66H 132 cells Cheetah PLUS
  • JKM390M-6RL3 132 cells Tiger Mono-facial

If you happen to be a PV module nerd (yes, we know you are out there) then we recommend taking a look at an article we wrote about the Tiger Pro solar panels. These record breaking panels are something to behold and deliver tremendous power and innovation.

We also have a general overview of JinkoSolar and their PV module products. It covers warranty information as well as performance statistics for their range of solar panels. To learn more about their solar panels and the company itself head on over by clicking here.

Our Complete Range Of Solar Panels

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