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Sunman Solar Panels

Sunman has created a product line with a difference in the eArc series of solar panels. Their panels are lightweight and flexible due to the absence of glass in the composition. The panels are composed of crystalline silicon solar cells and a patented composite material which has the durability and strength of glass minus the weight.

Their panels are backed by a excellent 25 year linear power warranty which guarantees great performance for a long time to come and their reliability as a brand means they will be around should any claim need to happen. The product warranty for Sunman solar panels is 10 years as is standard.

Our Sunman Solar Panel Range


  • SMD375M-6X12DW 72 cells Monocrystalline Module

The SMD375M-6X12DW solar panel is a glass free module that weighs in at a super light 6.8kg which is a whopping 70% lighter than traditional glass modules. This gives it more flexibility during installation and opens up more applications for the panel.

The panel is installed in a different manner to traditional modules as well. Through a process called “Quick-Bonding”, the eARC range requires no mounting hardware to be attached to the roof. This means no drilling into your roof sheeting/tiles and speeds up the time for installation drastically.

While it is not always of paramount concern, the eArc range of panels can offer a better aesthetic duye to the seamless integration with the underlying installation surface. At the very least they are always a consideration when looking at panel options due to this.

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