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seraphim solar panel
seraphim solar panel

Seraphim Solar Panels

Founded in 2011, Seraphim has made great strides with their production capacity and innovations to become one of the largest manufacturers of solar panels throughout the world. They boast a wide range of solar panels and are a Tier 1 solar module maker.

Their most popular solar panel model, the Blade Series, features fantastic shading response. Each panel is split into 2 identical solar cell arrays which means if the panel is partly shaded the other side will still be producing full power. This makes it a great option for those who might have put off solar due to overhanging trees or buildings.

Overall Seraphim promises more output with a higher efficiency and a higher return on investment. The Blade Series also comes with a 15 year guarantee on product materials and workmanship and a 25 year linear power output warranty. With service locations in Australia you can rest easy knowing any potential issues will be rectified in good time.

Our Seraphim Solar Panel Range


  • SRP-330-BMB 120 cells Blade MONO (Half Cell)
  • SRP-370-BMB 120 cells PERC Mono (Half Cell)
  • SRP-370-BMC 132 cells Blade PERC (Half Cell)
  • SRP-390-BMD-HV 108 cells PERC Mono (Half Cell)
  • SRP-530-BMA-HV 144 cells PERC Mono (Half Cell)

We have carried out a Seraphim solar panel overview in our article section so if you would like to learn more about these fantastic solar panels head you can read up on them here. In our time working with these panels we have always been impressed by their performance in the field and recommend them to anyone looking for great quality solar panels.

Our Complete Range Of Solar Panels

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