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trina solar panels

Trina Solar Panels

Trina is a big player in the global PV module market, delivering smart solutions through innovation. Their range of solar panels feature multi-busbar technology and half cut cells to increase the amount of sunlight captured and reduce power loss. These advancements see an increased module efficiency and this is why Trina solar panels are so widely used throughout Australia.

Multi-busbar technology effectively shortens the current conduction distance by over 50% which in turn lowers the resistance loss of the internal ribbon. The rounded ribbon pairs with the narrower busbars to allow sunlight to be reflected back to the ribbon which increases energy efficiency. The half-cut cells help drive efficiency further  by decreasing electrical resistance within the ribbon.

Reliability is another selling point of Trina’s solar panels and the Honey M modules are a key reason for this. Failures are reduced by low hot spot occurance and the half-cut cells. MBB technology results in uniform loads to prevent stress and this results in great performance in the case of slight cracking.

Our Trina Solar Panel Range


  • HoneyM 330W DD06M08(II) 120 cells Mono-crystalline
  • Vertex 390W TSM-DE09.08 120 cells Mono-crystalline

We have carried out a more comprehensive overview of Trina Solar and their range of PV modules in the past. If you would like more information about the company and its products head on over to the article by clicking here.

In the article we cover their strong focus on research and development and how it has led the company to several achievements within the industry. Their production process is another point of interest and is something that should be celebrated as limiting the environmental impact of PV module production is vital.

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