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A Look At Trina Solar Panels

Rapidly rising to becoming one of the global leaders in PV module solutions, Trina solar supplies PV panels, applications and services to its offices across the world with a cumulative shipment of 56GW to date. The company has been ranked in the “Top 500 private enterprises in China” and is aiming to be the global leader of smart energy, having already connected over 3GW of solar power plants to the grid across the world.

A key milestone for Trina was reached in 2020 with their listing on the Shanghai Stock Exchange which was a goal since their inception in 1997. Over this time they have amassed 852 patents for technology they have brought to the industry and now empoy around 13000 employers across the globe. Their commitment to creating a sustainable future by boosting global renewable energy development is the backbone of this success.

trina solar panels

A Strong Focus on Research & Development

Trina is constantly working to create new benchmarks in both quality of manufacturing and efficiency. They are responsible for several breakthroughs within the renewable power industry and have set twenty world records for silicon cell efficiency and solar module power output since 2011. These records stem from a strong commitment to R & D which we feel is a strong indicator of a solid solar company. Its easy to just print panels but putting time and resources of your own on the line to drive innovation is the hallmark of someone who is here to stay.

Trina has developed its own state-of-the-art R & D facility which they have called the Laboratory of PV Science and Technology and this acts as a hub for their innovations which they have achieved by partnering with leading universities and research institutions across the world as well as other technology and science centers. Some of these partnerships include the Solar Energy Research Institute of Singapore, Australian National University and Universidad Politécnica de Valencia.

One of the notable aspects of Trina solar panels is the efficiency. Through the above mentioned R&D and partnerships they have been able to push the boundaries and establish new benchmarks for the industry. They have achieved a cell conversion efficiency of 22.61(2016) percent for their p-type monocrystalline modules and 21.25 (2015) percent for their p-type multicrystalline modules. They are currently working with ANU to achieve greater efficiency with their new products.

Achievement Rundown


Trina Solar Broke 20 World Records Since 2011


Large-area Interdigitated Back Contact Silicon Solar Cell (6 in), 2018


New Efficiency Record for Mono-crystalline Silicon i-TOPCon Cell, May.2019


N-Cast-mono-TOPCon cell – Nov 2019



A key driver in this panel’s success has been the implementation of multi-busbar technology which increases energy efficiency by shortening the current connection distance by over 50%. This increased efficiency is due to the fact the a shorter distance means less internal ribbon resistance loss – basically a shorter distance equals less power lost in travel. When this is combined with the unique circuit design of half-cut cells which also reduce power loss we get an overall module efficiency increase of more than 2%.

The half-cut cells also provide other benefits such as improving energy generation per watt by being able to work at lower temperatures. They have a reduced energy loss from mismatch caused by inter-row shading due to their unique cell string structure and can achieve a higher power generation capacity with multi-busbar technology when in high irradiation zones.

When you combine features such as half-cut cells with low hot spot occurrence you get exceptional reliability with reduced failures and improved performance. Even if the panel is slightly cracked through weather damage (an extremely rare event, these panels are tough), the multi-busbar cells ensure great performance by keeping loads uniform to prevent extra stress on the panel.

DE06M Trina Solar Panel
  • 120 Cell Monocrystalline
  • 330-340W Power outage range
  • 19.9% Maximum Efficiency
  • 0~+5W Positive Power Tolerance
PE06H Trina Solar Panel
Half-cut, 5BB, 285-300W
  • 120 Cell Multicrystalline
  • 285-300W Power outage range
  • 17.3% Maximum Efficiency
  • 0~+5W Positive Power Tolerance
DE06H Trina Solar Panel
Half-cut, 5BB,320-335W
  • 120 Cell Monocrystalline
  • 320-335W Power outage range
  • 19.7% Maximum Efficiency
  • 0~+5W Positive Power Tolerance

Dedication to Quality Above Everything

Trina is a vertically integrated company which means they oversee the entire production process from acquiring raw materials through to shipping the final product out to its warehouses across the world. This means they can guarantee their products quality and lifespan based on a strong track record in the field with every panel backed by an industry-leading 25 year limited manufacturer’s warranty.

In order to produce cutting edge PV technology there must be a focus of quality in every aspect of the production line, from design through to engineering and even the financial prosperity of the company. The “quality-first policy” taken up by Trina Solar makes sure these boxes are all ticked at every stage of development from silicon crystallization to module deployment. All of their products meet strict compliance and national regulations.

In-house testing is performed across their entire product range in order to determine every panel shipped is constructed to the highest possible standards. Trina carries out over 200 tests in their R & D lab with stricter requirements than IEC/UL tests which means the quality of their products is “bankable”. This has led to Trina being named a top bankable module supplier by Bloomberg New Energy Finance for the last 4 years. They are the only module manufacturer to receive this honour 4 years in a row by every expert participating in the BNEF survey.

Not just content to let their own testing speak for their product, Trina Solar has partnered with several third party testing facilities to put their products through the test and have enjoyed fantastic results by doing so. In 2012 they became the first solar PV company to pass a rigorous inspection and audit process to receive UL’s Client Test Data Program certification. They backed up this achievement by receiving the first Manufacturers Testing certification by the CQC.

It is for all these reasons mentioned above that they are able to offer the industry-leading manufacturers warranty but their support is also worth noting as a reason for their success. Your solar power system is an investment that is meant to last decades. This is why Trina Solar has created a new customer service department called Customer Quality Engineering (CQE). This department delivers end to end support for customers and installers as well as performing audits of their own products.

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    A Sustainable Production Process

    Being an industry leading manufacturer of renewable energy is not enough for Trina Solar. In order to lead you must demonstrate the same values you want others to take up so Trina is taking steps to reduce the environmental impact of manufactuering solar panels. They play an important role in setting new benchmarks for best practices, quality standards and sound policy. In 2010 they were acknowledged for these initial strives by the World Economic Forum, being named the Global Growth Company Industry Shaper.

    Already they have been able to reduce both their water and electricity consumption by over 60% each during manufacture. The goal is to continue to reduce their carbon footprint and bring a completely sustainable manufacturing process. Trina Solar is also a member of PV Cycle which means their products are recycled at the end of their lifespan. Much like their R & D they are working with accredited third party partners to measure and monitor the metrics of sustainable manufacturing.


    #1 Sustainability Rank in the Silicon Valley Toxics Coalition (SVTC) Solar Scorecard in 2017 and 2018.


    47% Reduction in electricity use per MW produced (2015-2019)

    Water Usage

    32% Reduction in water use per MW produced(2015-2019)

    GHG Emissions

    46% Greenhouse Gas Emissions (2015-2019)

    Trina Solar Panel Sales & Installation With Global Solar Solutions

    Trina Solar sits at the top of the PV solar panel manufacturers list due to its commitment to continuous improvement of its manufacturing process and customer service. Over our time in the solar industry we have been extremely pleased with their performance in the field and have found their products to be extremely versatile and reliable. Their commitment to sustainability also lines up with our own ethos which is something we can always get behind.

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