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Mackay Solar Specialists – Quality Solar Packages

Global Solar Solutions are a leading provider of solar power systems throughout Mackay. With extensive experience in the solar industry and a focus on quality solar components such as panels and inverters, our aim is to provide the best possible return on your solar investment. We cater to both residential and commercial clients, providing robust solar solutions that are backed by warranties and our own support.

Our solar consultants can guide you through the process of making the change to solar. By taking a look at your current power bills and your roof space they can determine if solar is a viable solution for you. This is a crucial step as solar is not right for everyone and we will not install a solar system unless it can operate with ideal efficiency. We will also make you aware of any rebates or feed-in tariffs that you can take advantage of.

Our installations are carried out by qualified solar technicians who specialise in solar power. We stand behind our craftsmanship and offer a 25 year warranty on all installations. Once installation is completed we will take care of any paperwork related to STC’s or other rebates, making the process as seamless as possible. Our support continues after installation, with check-up calls to make sure everything is running smoothly.

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Why Global Solar Solutions Is The Best Choice For Solar In Mackay

  • Extensive experience and history in solar industry
  • Quality products with consumer friendly warranties
  • Grid-tied and off-grid solar power systems
  • Extensive experience and history in solar industry
  • Quality products with consumer friendly warranties
  • Grid-tied and off-grid solar power systems
  • Focus on quality customer service on phone and on site
  • Experienced solar consultants to answer your questions
  • Qualified, specialist electrical contractors for every install

The Best Solar Brands Backed By Warranty

We have no exclusivity agreements with suppliers which means we are free to recommend the best possible components to meet your needs. We only stock solar components from reliable and reputable manufacturers who have demonstrated their dedication to the solar industry. All of our suppliers have customer service centres in Australia for quick return to base should any claims need to be processed.

A chain is only as strong as its weakest link and we take this approach to all facets of solar. From your solar panels to your inverter all the way through to the racking we use to attach the panels to your roof, our components are all of the highest quality possible. This means your system is not only sound but also operates as efficiently as possible, giving you a better return on your investment.

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Solar Inverters

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Solar Batteries

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CEC Accredited Solar Installer For Mackay

The Clean Energy Council is an Australian renewable energy association aimed towards protecting the consumer during the sales and installation process. As with any industry boom, solar saw an explosion of companies popping up overnight in order to take advantage of the industry’s growth. The CEC provides membership and accreditation to companies who agree to uphold their code of conduct while operating in the solar industry. Here are some of the rules outlined by the CEC:

  • ensuring that sales representatives act ethically at all times
  • not engaging in any dishonest or misleading advertising or sales tactics
  • upholding consumers’ legal rights relating to cooling-off periods and refunds
  • providing a minimum five-year warranty covering the operation and performance of the entire PV system
  • providing consumers with all required documentation after the PV system is installed
  • having a fair and transparent complaints process
  • adhering to all existing legislation and regulations

For the complete code of conduct that all CEC accredited solar providers must adhere to, please click here.

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We Invest Back Into The Communities We Service

Our main service region extends from the Gold Coast through to North Queensland and we are always looking for ways to give back to these communities through our Community Initiative program. Global Solar boss Ryan Haynes established this program in order to support people and events throughout our region and it has grown from strength to strength since its inception.

From those striving for greatness through to events that aim to bring in invaluable tourism, our hope is to provide those who want to try enough support to succeed. We are in solar for the long run and part of this is investing in our own backyard in order to build relationships with the communities in which we operate. For more information on our Community Initiatives program, click here.

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Looking For A Trusted Solar Installer In Mackay?

Solar is a great way to save money on ever increasing power bills, letting you spend more on the things that matter. Not only does it improve your budget, it also presents a positive step towards a more sustainable future for those to come. All of our products are backed by generous consumer warranties on both build quality and performance for your own peace of mind.

We offer obligation free quotes for all Mackay residents and businesses so you have nothing to lose by seeing if solar is a viable option for you. You can call us on 1800 255 474 to chat with one of our solar consultants or use the quick quote form on this page to have us get back to you. We have every confidence that once you speak with our experienced team of solar specialists you will understand why we are a leader in Mackay solar solutions.

If you would like to know more about solar, head on over to our news section which is filled with helpful articles such as ways to maximise your solar profit and what you should be looking for when buying solar panels. We look forward to speaking to you about what benefits solar power can bring to your home or business.

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