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Brighter Business With Commercial Solar

Commercial solar is a great way to reduce your bottom line while also increasing the appeal of your business to the public. With a competitive market driving prices down, solar has never been more viable for businesses of all sizes, making it one of the easiest ways to improve your budget without having to make any adjustments to your day to day operation.

The modular nature of solar power systems is another great advantage for commercial solar as it means your solar can grow alongside your business. If your business mostly operates at night you can opt for solar batteries in order to still enjoy the benefits commercial solar provides. While it can seem a bit daunting at first, our commercial solar consultants are on hand to help you find the right solar for your business.

Get The Right Solar For Your Business

There are a number of factors that need to be considered before we can recommend the right solar power system for your business. Our consultants will establish your current power demands and roof space which determines what components are best used to get the results we need. This includes factoring in how quickly you would like to see your return on investment in order to create a solar package that is tailored to you.

If there are any rebates or incentives in your state of operation we will make you aware so you can take advantage of them. If you operate at night we will advise on solar power storage options from the wide range of batteries we stock. We operate with no exclusivity agreements which means our consultants are free to recommend the right components for your needs.

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Benefits Of Commercial Solar

The first and foremost benefit of commercial solar is the savings it brings to your business, allowing for greater profit margins and more resources to grow. Solar is an investment and we can calculate your ROI (return on investment) so you can know how much it will benefit you in the long run before you go ahead. We take your investment seriously and operate with transparency at all times during the onboarding process.

Another benefit afforded by commercial solar is appealing to more environmentally conscious clientele. More and more people are looking to support local businesses that have taken the initiative and moved towards a more sustainable future. Being powered by solar is something you can advertise as well which increases the potency of your marketing, meaning you not only save money but stand to increase sales as well.

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Solar is also a great way to increase the total value of your business for those looking to sell at some point in the future. A business with solar already installed means less work for the new owners as well as a quicker return for them, all the while saving you money before the time to sell arrives. Combine these factors with an increased customer base and you dramatically increase your appeal to purchasers and investors.

Buy With Confidence From A CEC Approved Solar Retailer

The Clean Energy Council is an Australian renewable energy association that aims to ensure consumers are not taken advantage of when it comes to the purchase and installation of solar power. CEC approved members must operate with the consumers best interest at the forefront and this extends to both residential and commercial clientele. Global Solar Solutions are a CEC approved solar retailer which means we must adhere to there code on conduct which includes the following stipulations:

  • ensuring that sales representatives act ethically at all times
  • not engaging in any dishonest or misleading advertising or sales tactics
  • upholding consumers’ legal rights relating to cooling-off periods and refunds
  • providing a minimum five-year warranty covering the operation and
  • performance of the entire PV system
  • providing consumers with all required documentation after the PV system is installed
  • having a fair and transparent complaints process
  • adhering to all existing legislation and regulations

You should always choose a CEC approved solar retailer when making the change to solar, to view the full code of conduct a member must follow please click here.

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commercial solar panels

Commercial Solar Panels

Your solar panels are charged with gathering energy from the sun and converting it into usable power for your business. We stock a wide range of solar panels, all from reputable manufacturers which means we can find the right configuration to suit both your power demands and your roof space. All of our commercial solar panels come with warranties that cover both build quality and expected performance over time.

commercial solar inverter

Commercial Solar Inverters

The solar inverter is a very important part of your solar system which means quality is essential in order to get the best results. It converts the DC power your panels generate into usable AC power for the grid and your business. It also monitors the performance of your system, improves energy production as well as communicating with the traditional power grid. All of the solar inverters we stock are quality products from trusted manufacturers.

commercial solar battery

Solar Batteries For Business

A solar battery is one of the best ways to improve the savings your solar power brings to the table, particularly for businesses that operate at night. Your solar battery can store power generated by your system during the day for use at night. It can also feed power back to the traditional grid when full, giving you a greater return. A solar battery can be bought as part of a package or on its own in order to upgrade an existing installation.

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Commercial Solar Packages

Our commercial solar packages are put together based on your needs and the fact we have no exclusivity agreements means we will never try to fit a round peg through a square hole. While we do offer all of our solar components for individual sale, you can expect to save when purchasing a solar package. Solar is also modular by nature, meaning you can always expand if you need to due to growth.

Your Solar Investment Is Protected By Warranty

All of our solar products are covered by warranties for both the workmanship and its performance over time. We offer a 25 year guarantee on our installations, going well beyond the industry standard. We only stock quality components and this applies to every part of your solar power system, even the racking we use to fix it to your roof. All of our solar technicians are qualified solar specialists which means no shortcuts are taken during installation.

Your solar panels, inverters and batteries all come with consumer warranties that vary from brand to brand. Depending on what products are used in your solar system you can expect anywhere from 15-25 year warranties. Solar panels will typically come with 2 warranties; one for the build quality and another for its performance over time. Solar panels will degrade over time and a performance warranty stipulates the minimum panel efficiency allowed over a 25 year span.

Interested In Commercial Solar For Your Business?

If you would like to find out more about how commercial solar can benefit your business, get in touch with one of our consultants on 1800 255 474. They can help gather the information needed in order to make an assessment about how viable solar is for your company. It is worth noting that solar is not the answer for everyone and part of our job is to make sure it will actually be of benefit to your individual situation. We also have a contact form on this page which you can use to have us get back to you via email or at a time that suits you for a chat.

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