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Meet The Global Solar Solutions Team

Find out more about the key players who help make Global Solar Solutions one of the leading solar suppliers and installers in Australia. A solid foundation is key to success and our excellent staff are essential to our growth within the industry.

Ryan Haynes

Ryan has been the owner of Global Solar Solutions for over 7 years, developing the company from the ground up to become one of the leading solar installers in Australia. Ryan started off in the mines when he was 18 but sought to run his own company and made this a reality by starting an air conditioning business.

In 2010 he made his first shift into solar, contracting to another company in order to learn the ins and outs of the industry. After seeing the bright future solar had within Australia Ryan decided to create his own solar business with a focus on uncompromising customer service and quality components such as panel and inverters.

Ryan is a hands-on owner, not content to dwell in the office all day so he is often on site during installations in his local area to make sure everything is going smoothly. His outgoing nature means he loves a yarn with clients and still likes to do the quoting on many of the jobs we do. A goal of Ryans is to travel to 100 countries with him getting to 88 so far.

Chelsea Haynes

Chelsea controls operations within Global Solar Solutions, bringing a wealth of knowledge and invaluable business acumen to ensure every box is ticked before and after any sale or installation we carry out. After being in the industry for the past 10 years, Chelsea understands what works and what does not within our industry.

While she contributes to every aspect of our company from books through to sales, a key initiative she has spearheaded has been customer advocacy within the business. Understanding customer satisfaction is paramount to future success, Chelsea is relentless in her pursuit of the best outcome for each client.

Due to her diligence, both in terms of customer satisfaction and within every other area of our company, Chelsea has become a key reason for Global Solar Solutions continued success within the solar industry in Australia. Her consistent innovation to workflow and dedication to growth will only benefit our cause going forward.

Global Solar Solutions Foundations For Success

Customer Service

We will always place a huge emphasis on quality customer service in order to keep our clients happy. Word of mouth is a powerful tool in a crowded marketplace such as solar so making sure we do everything we can to satisfy our customers is not only good business practice but also a great way to advertise. We are in the solar industry for the long haul so fostering good will towards this growing sector just makes sense in the long term.

Quality Components

Making sure we use quality solar components such as panels and inverters is in the best interest of our company as well as the client. Solar is an investment and should be taken seriously by all parties and by using high quality components we make sure the customer gets their money’s worth while being able to see the maximum value or solar. As a side benefit to us the better quality parts means less call outs to repair or replace broken components.

Industry Compliance

We are proud to be accredited by the Clean Energy Council (CEC) for the installation of solar power systems. Consumer advocates such as the CEC are necessary to protect both the customer and the industry itself. By promoting ethical business practices and making sure parts are compliant to Australian codes we ensure everyone involved is safe and protected. This extends to our staff, with all of our installers being highly qualified electricians.

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