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Seraphim Solar Panels Overview

Founded in 2011, Seraphim has rapidly risen among the ranks of Chinese solar panel manufacturers to be one of the most prominent brands in the industry today. As time goes on we are seeing more and more panel brands take control of the entire manufacturing process and Seraphim is no different.

With a strong focus on research and development and smart manufacturing Seraphim places a great emphasis on innovation believing that the design of new technology is a key driver to their success.

Seraphim is listed as a Tier 1 solar module maker by Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF) and as of late 2020 they have a global production capacity of 5.5GW. They prioritise quality on their production chain and this has seen 11GW of Seraphim solar panels shipped to over 20 countries across the world.

  • Tier 1 Solar Module Manufacturer (Listed by BNEF)
  • 100+ R&D Technicians
  • 11 GW Solar Modules Shipped Worldwide
  • 40+ Destination Countries
  • 5.5 GW Solar Module Production Capacity
  • Top Performer Listed by PV Evolution Labs
  • 50+ Global Financial Partners
  • 100+ Technical Patents

Seraphim Solar Research & Development

It has been interesting to watch the shift towards strong research and development amongst solar module manufacturers over the years. As companies solidify their position at the top of the industry they have to find ways to separate their product from the rest and innovation seems to be the decided focal point for those looking to succeed. The last decade has seen Seraphim pour funds into the development of testing labs as well as R & D engineers to help keep them as the technological forefront of the industry.

The largest investment made so far in terms of R & D has been the building of their research laboratory in the city of Changzhou, China. Spanning over 720 square meters, the state of the art lab features German made electrical performance testers, climate simulation chambers and many more testing instruments. The lab employs more than 80 engineers and 20 testing specialists who put panels through every possible stress test to ensure the panels are resilient enough to survive any climate in which they may be installed.

Over 100 Patents
Over 100 Global R&D Engineers
Up to 21.7% Module Efficiency
Accredited by CSA, CNAS, CTC, TUV SUD, DEKRA and CGC

Seraphim Smart Manufacturing

When it comes to modern manufacturing all eyes seem to be on the automation of advanced production lines. As solar modules are quite intricate in their composition the manufacturing process is incredibly important in terms of making lower cost panels with consistent quality. Seraphim combines automated production with advanced quality control systems to ensure a 99.9% success rate when manufacturing their solar modules.

We highlighted the fact that they hold over 100 patents and over 40 of these are related to the production process. Each different part of the production process has been placed in its own sector so that it can be closely monitored in real time to prevent any issues before it comes time to assembling the finished panel. From raw material inspections all the way through to product packaging, each part of the process is monitored in real time with all data stored online for further review later.

The real time monitoring is available to not only their own quality control teams but also to their customers. We are able to log in and track the manufacture and shipment of any panels we have ordered for our own clients which is an incredible amount of transparency. It also gives us peace of mind when it comes to carrying out the sale and installation of their products knowing we have observed its passing of quality control each time.

  • 100+ Patents on production process optimization
  • 15% Lower production cost
  • 24*7 Real time online monitoring
  • 35% Higher production efficiency
  • 15% Higher Equipment Effectiveness
  • 99.9% Quality product yield rate

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    Quality Control Focus

    Quality control is incredibly important to Seraphim and for good reason. The manufacture of solar modules can be expensive due to the cost of raw materials and advanced manufacturing. Shipping a panel halfway across the world only to have it be returned means making sure they produce the best product possible is not only beneficial to the customer but to them as a company. Seraphim is regarded as a reliable brand across the industry and it’s a key reason why we use their panels so much.

    When your products are being sold in Australia you need to make sure they can stand up to the incredibly harsh climate we are subject to down under. Seraphim holds the following certifications: Quality Management System (ISO 9001:2015), Environment Management System (ISO 14001:2015) and Occupational Health and Safety Management System (ISO45001:2018) from both DNV GL and GZCC.

    Recently there has been concern in regard to the waste and environmental impact of solar module manufacturing. Seraphim has applied for the national “GB T19580 2012 Criteria for Performance Excellence”. This regulation goes beyond the quality of their products and places an emphasis on the monitoring and reduction of production waste, environmental burden and more.

    Seraphim Blade Solar Panels

    Global Solar Solutions are big fans of Seraphims Blade panels and have been using them more and more in recent years due to the feedback we get from customers. The Blade is different from other panels in that it’s split into 2 parts which are composed of cells that are half the size of normal cells. By doing this they produce smaller currents which reduces “Cell to Module” loss.

    The lower current combines with series resistance which helps reduce internal power loss, shadow effect and also mismatch loss. The space between the cells on each panel is doubled so more light can be turned into power through multiple reflections. Another useful feature is the fact that should an individual cell be damaged the panel can be cut in half so the half with full functioning cells can still be used.

    Having the panel effectively split into 2 different parts also helps with shading which can be a common issue when it comes to installing panels. As the cells in a panel are all connected in arrays shading presents an issue as it brings the entire panels production down. With the Blade being split in 2 arrays with separated current paths it means only the shaded side will be affected with the array still in full sunlight functioning at 100%. This means the Blade will experience 50% less impact from shading compared to standard solar panels.

    seraphim solar panel
    • Enhanced nominal power with advanced half-cut cell technology and new layout design
    • Less mismatch and shading impact higher power yield
    • Reduced BoS and installation cost
    • Ideal choice for utility and commercial scale projects
    • Good for reducing hot-spot effect

    A full datasheet for the Blade series of solar panels can be downloaded here. It covers everything from the I-V curve, which we discussed in last week’s article regarding MPPT, to warranty information and technical data. If you would like these numbers and details explained more thoroughly then you can always give Global Solar Solutions a call to discuss their products with an expert solar consultant.

    Seraphim Solar Cell Warranty

    Speaking of warranties, Seraphim offers a robust set of guarantees on their entire range of products including the Blade panels. Due to improvement in terms of manufacturing, quality control and technological innovation Seraphim now offer a 15 year guarantee of product material and workmanship. This is paired with a 25 year linear power output warranty which gives us and the customer peace of mind when it comes to investing in their products.

    Seraphim has also been ranked as a Top Performer in the 2020 PV Module Reliability Scorecard which is released by PVEL. In previous overviews we have mentioned PVEL as they carry out stringent comparisons between PV modules to determine the most reliable and trustworthy brands in the industry. This is the 3rd time Seraphim has been included in this list and they seem determined to remain there going forward.

    seraphim solar panels warranty

    Global Solar Solutions Recommends Seraphim Solar Panels

    We feel Seraphims commitment to quality and innovation resonates with our own commitment to getting the best results for every one of our clients. Their focus on research and development means they will stay on the forefront of the industry and the opening of offices in Australia shows their commitment to our domestic market. We provide the sale of Seraphim panels both separately and as part of complete solar packages.

    If you would like more information regarding Seraphim solar panels please give us a call on 1800 255 474 or contact us online to talk with a solar consultant. Our job is to supply you with all the information you need to make the most informed decision possible. We offer a range of solar packages to suit many different power demands for both residential and commercial clients.