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Boost Your Solar Investment – At Home Edition

Solar is an investment and like all other investments we want to see as much of a return as possible. While some have more risks than others, solar is a safe way to offset your power bill, gaining returns via savings or making profit by returning power to the grid. Luckily for us there are multiple ways to easily boost our solar investment and enjoy faster returns.

There are several variables that dictate how much of an impact your solar has on your household such as solar batteries and your current energy provider. We can also make some adjustments to our day to day living that put our solar in a better position to produce profits. Let’s take a look at some quick adjustments that can be made to your day to day in order to boost your solar investment.

It’s worth mentioning that we feel the best way to boost your solar investment is to install a solar battery. This upgrade lets you use the power your panels generate during the day to power your home in the evening when most people are relaxing. These tips are just some easy ways to get even more out of your solar, regardless of when your power usage is at its peak.

Manage Heating & Cooling Your Home

Depending on how efficient your air conditioner is, it may be a good idea to start cooling or heating your home in the afternoon. By lowering or raising the temperature earlier than normal you make it easier for the air conditioner to keep it comfortable during the night when your solar is no longer generating power for your home. If done right you can even turn the air conditioning off at night, saving you even more.

better cooling can boost solar savings

Charge Devices During The Day

Charging devices such as mobile phones and laptops in the morning or afternoon lets you get the most out of your solar panels. Battery life has increased significantly over the past decade and this means you can charge during the day and use the devices at night without having to charge them as you go. Some batteries benefit from proper discharging so this strategy can have multiple benefits.

charging devices during the day

Time Your Power Hungry Appliances

There are some appliances that draw a decent amount of power during use so timing these properly can make a big difference to your bottom line. A good example of such appliances is your washer/dryer or dishwasher. These can be stacked or filled during the evening and turned on before leaving for work or school the next morning, making no difference to your day to day schedule but certainly making a difference to your budget.

smart appliance usage to boost your solar savings

Purchase Energy Efficient Appliances

When most people hear of energy efficient appliances they immediately think of the star ratings often plastered on them. While these are a great guide for picking devices that are more friendly to your power bill, there are other features that can make a bigger impact when using solar. Anything that uses rechargeable batteries or is cordless is great as these will charge during the day when your solar is working for you.

cordless appliances save power

Smart Home Tech Can Make A Difference

These days there are “smart” solutions for just about every bit of technology throughout your home. From light bulbs to fridges, you can control just about everything from your phone, including setting up power profiles for different times of the day. They can also give you a good indication of what devices draw the most power, providing invaluable insights as to how to improve your home’s power usage.

smart appliances boost solar savings

Get The Most Out Of Your Solar Investment

Using solar is a great way to generate passive income for your home or business regardless of what changes you make to your day to day. These tips are designed to increase the value your solar brings which means you get a faster return on your investment. One of our goals is to help you get the most out of your solar investment which is why we also do regular checkups after all installations.

If you would like to find out if solar is beneficial for your home or office, get in touch with our solar consultants on 1800 255 474. You can also contact us online for a quote by visiting our contact page.