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Can You Expand or Upgrade Your Solar System?

With the solar boom well under way throughout Australia, many solar system owners are looking into ways they can expand their solar system. There are typically several reasons for wanting to upgrade or expand your solar system, with the most popular being an increase in power demand from a growing home or business. We regularly perform solar system expansions for new and existing clients and many are surprised to find how easy it is.

As solar is an investment, many users will wait to see the results before deciding to spend more and we think this makes a tremendous amount of sense. You have several options when it comes to upgrading, from adding more panels through to installing a solar battery. What upgrade paths are available depends on what components are used in your current solar system, so talking with a solar expert about upgrading your solar system is a must.

When Is The Right Time To Upgrade Your Solar System?

We mentioned it as a key reason earlier, but upgrading your solar system to suit increasing power demands is extremely common. Households and businesses grow over time and being able to expand your solar system to suit these increased demands is one of the best features of solar. The modular nature of solar installations means you can increase your system in increments based on your needs and budget.

Another reason to expand your solar system is the ever increasing power pricing from the traditional grid. We have recently seen an increase in rates which means those households and businesses that are not fully covering their power demands through solar are looking for ways to offset these rises. You can also look for other power providers that may have more attractive tariffs or plans for solar users.

Upgrading your solar system does not always mean more panels or a new inverter. By adding other components like a solar battery, you can further the value your existing solar power system provides without making any major changes. Upgrades like this can be dependent on your lifestyle or operating hours. If you use the bulk of your power at night, something like a solar battery will have a major impact on your solar savings.

It might go without saying, but you will need to upgrade your solar power system if you are going off-grid. An off-grid solar system is not connected to the traditional power grid at all, generating all of the power needed via renewable energy. Going off-grid will require the addition of solar batteries and, in most cases, a new inverter along with more solar panels to cater to the sole reliance on solar power.

Can I Add More Solar Panels?

The option to add more solar panels to your existing solar system is dependent on your roof space and what solar inverter is currently in place. Solar panels are typically installed in a “string” configuration, where each solar panel is connected to the next, resulting in a single input to your inverter. This acts similar to Christmas lights except we can add more panels onto the string as needed.

Your roof needs to be able to house the new solar panels as well. The good news is most new solar systems will not take up the entire amount of usable space on your roof, that is the part with the best angle for the sun. A solar installer will take expansion into consideration when installing, being careful to lay them out in the most efficient way possible so more can be added.

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Can I Upgrade My Solar Inverter?

You can always upgrade your solar inverter to cater to your upgrades. Adding more panels means you need a bigger inverter unless you installed an “oversized” inverter with enough overhead. You may also need to have a new multi-mode inverter installed if you are installing a solar battery as an upgrade. These allow for more inputs which means it can feed the power gathered by your panels through to your new battery.

You can also simply add another solar inverter as an option. This can be connected to the existing solar system or run alongside the existing setup to solely provide power to your battery. Depending on the age of your solar inverter, you might want to upgrade in order to access new features and technology present in modern day units. These include app monitoring and a reduction in unit size.

What Other Upgrades Can I Make?

We have talked about solar batteries a few times in this article, but they really do represent value when it comes to solar system upgrades. Solar generates power during the day but most households use the bulk of their power at night. This discrepancy is usually solved by feed-in tariffs, where you offset your nighttime power demands by sending your solar to the traditional grid for others to use.

A solar battery lets you store all of the power generated by your panels for use at night. If the battery gets full during the day, it can disperse back into the grid as you normally would, making it the best of both worlds. You not only receive payment for the power you generate via the feed-in tariff, but you also use your own power in the evening. Solar batteries can be added as needed, keeping with the modular theme of solar.

Replacing Your Aging Solar System

While the solar boom is somewhat recent, solar power has been in use for a long time now. As your system begins to age it will produce less power, resulting in bigger power bills. When looking to upgrade your older solar power system you will often be faced with the choice of replacing it entirely. This may be the case if the older system is degraded, damaged or not compatible with newer technology.

Replacing your entire system also lets you enjoy a new warranty period. Solar panels have warranties that cover both build quality and expected output over time. As solar technology has improved, we are seeing more robust warranties offered which is a big win for the consumer. If your existing solar power system is more than 20 years old, we will generally recommend a replacement over an upgrade.

Expand Your Solar System With A Trusted Solar Installer

The first step when thinking about upgrading your solar system is talking to an expert about your options. There are several factors that need to be considered when making the choice to upgrade your solar system.Talking to an experienced solar professional means they can properly assess your needs, asking questions you may not have thought of. They can also provide invaluable advice that is only learned through years of experience in the solar industry.

Our Global Solar consultants are on hand to answer any questions you have about how to best expand your solar system. We offer obligation free quotes and assessments which means you have nothing to lose by talking to one of our experienced consultants about getting more out of your solar. You can contact us by calling 1800 255 474 or getting in touch with us here.