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Solar Power Servicing And Maintenance

One of the big benefits solar brings to the table is the lack of regular maintenance needed to keep things running smoothly. For the most part, solar is a set and forget product that requires little attention, however that doesn’t mean that some systems will occasionally require servicing in order to keep everything running smoothly. Global Solar provides solar power servicing for all systems, regardless of who installed them.

In order to keep your system running as efficiently as possible to hit those return on investment figures, we recommend having your solar power system serviced once a year. Your solar power system is an investment and in order to get the best results you need to make sure its efficiency is at peak. There are a few common signs we can take a look at that will let you know that it’s time to have your solar power serviced.

3 Signs You Need Solar Power Servicing

Savings From Solar Are Shrinking

If your household power usage has remained the same but you notice that the bill is creeping back up, it could be a sign that your solar system is experiencing a drop in efficiency. You can check if your power usage has increased by comparing previous bills, checking the most recent ones for changes in rates or extra charges. If everything looks the same then it’s a good time to give a professional a call to arrange the servicing of your solar power system.

Solar System Shuts Off During Hot Day

Another indicator that your solar might need servicing is the system shutting off at times when it’s producing the most power possible, especially when the system is connected to the grid for export. This is due to high voltages within the grid which result in high temperatures that increase resistance throughout the grid’s cables. In response your inverter will produce higher voltages in order to successfully export the power to the grid, eventually shutting off when the voltage gets too high.

Inverter Shows An Error Or Fault On Screen

The most obvious sign is your inverter displaying an error code which can be checked against documentation to determine the cause of the problem. Depending on the issue reported you can wait a while before contacting a professional incase the inverter starts functioning again once the issue with the grid / system is gone. An inverter is designed to shut off to prevent damage from occurring during voltage spikes so the issue might be with the grid rather than your system.

high voltages shut off solar
error codes mean its time for Solar Power Servicing

Steps You Can Take To Improve Solar Health

Clean Your Solar Panels

Solar panels rarely need cleaning due to the fact most solar panels are installed at such an angle that water can run off. This effectively makes them self-cleaning and contributes to the set and forget nature of solar. Environmental factors such as extreme amounts of dust or debris dropped from overhanging branches can create conditions where cleaning your solar panels is necessary. If you are clearing your solar panels you must use clean, pure water with no detergents or other additives.

Update Inverter Firmware

For those solar users that are more tech savvy, updating your solar inverter’s firmware is a great way to keep it running at peak efficiency. Updates to firmware can result in improved performance or to introduce new features that will benefit your solar power system. Updating the inverters firmware can be done at the inverter itself, usually via USB. Your inverters user manual will have step by step instructions on how to install firmware updates and where to find them.

Checking Roof Shading

Any competent solar installer will always take into consideration any shading that affects your roof space when installing solar. While this means your system will produce as much power as possible from the sun that hits your roof, you also need to keep an eye on trees and other sources of shade growing around your home. Carrying out a quick inspection of surrounding trees to determine if you need an arborist to remove branches causing shading is a great idea.

Solar Power Servicing
trees shading solar panels

Do You Need Solar Power Servicing?

If you have noticed a drop-off in your solar systems performance give Global Solar Solutions a call on 1800 255 474 to discuss solar power servicing with a professional, CEC approved solar installer. Our qualified solar technicians can arrange a time that suits you to visit your home or office to carry out the service. Having your solar power system serviced is also a great time to ask any questions you might have about your solar.

If you would like to arrange a service of your solar power system you can also contact us online. We provide solar power servicing along the east coast of Australia including the Sunshine Coast, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sydney and Melbourne. Get in touch for a quote on servicing and to find out any additional information about solar power.