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Seraphim Dual Glass Panels

Never ones to take shortcuts when it comes to innovation, industry giants Seraphim have introduced dual glass panels to their range of high performing solar products. While solar panels will typically have a polymer backsheet, Seraphims new range of dual glass solar panels see the polymer replaced with tempered glass, bringing a range of benefits, including a massive bump to the warranty offered.

dual glass solar panel

What Makes These Solar Panels Different?

The addition of a second glass layer makes the panels more robust, resulting in less power degradation over the years. The heat treated glass reduces micro-cracks and snail trails while also helping to stand up against corrosion which can be incredibly important in coastal areas. The panels also feature a frameless design, which not only looks great but also results in less stray currents, reducing potential-induced degradation (PID).

The entire panel itself gains a big boost to durability and the effects of UV ageing are reduced. The solar cells present within the panel are better protected than those with a standard polymer backsheet, which extends its viable lifespan. This added resistance to the elements means the panels can be used in environments where others might be at risk of degradation, including high humidity zones and areas with a large amount of salt in the air.

Because the panel is subject to less power degradation over time, the value each one presents is significantly boosted. While the best panels on the market will typically feature a 25 year performance warranty, the Seraphim dual glass panels are shipped with a 30 year warranty instead. This makes them a much more attractive solar panel for those looking to make the investment into solar power. Dual glass panels are able to be used for residential, commercial and even utility applications.

Dual Glass Solar Panel Features

Reduces the effect of PID & prevents snail trails

Stronger design is resistant to micro-cracks

Second glass layer enhances fire resistance

Panels have less degradation for better return

Massive 30 year performance warranty

Panel can perform in extreme environmental conditions

Seraphim Dual Glass Solar Panel Range

s3 dual glass panels

S3 series lightweight dual glass

Seraphim offers 2 different models of solar panels that feature the dual glass design. The S3 lightweight dual glass module is a 72 cell, bifacial PERC module that is based on 160mm silicon wafer. These panels range from 400-460W and are aimed towards the residential market so you can find the right panel to suit your rooftop space and household power demands.

s4 dual glass panels

S4 series lightweight dual glass

The S4 is another lightweight module that features all the advantages that dual glass panels bring to the table. It is available in 54 and 60 cell modules based on a 182mm silicon wafer. Like the S3, these panels cover the 400-460W range to cater for a variety of rooftops. Both the S3 and S4 panels come with the extended 30 year performance warranty for peace of mind.

An Industry Expert Weighs In

We had the opportunity to sit down with Aaron Ren from Raystech to discuss what makes dual glass panels an exciting development for the solar industry. Raystech is a leading solar wholesale distributor servicing Victoria, Queensland, New South Wales and New Zealand. They are reknown for their expansive knowledge of solar products, making them a trusted supplier for many solar companies.

What does the addition of dual glass housing bring to solar panels?

Dual glass panels bring the following benefits to the solar panel industry:

1. Long life time
2. High power
3. Lower degradation
4. To solve the problem of solar panel weather resistance
5. Easy to clean
6. Cost saving

Do you feel this is something we will be seeing more and more in the solar market?

Due to the development of the solar industry, bificial dual glass will be more and more in the market soon. Following Seraphim, the other brands will announce similar technology in products coming soon.

What has the response to these panels been from both distributor and consumer?

Both distributors and consumers are happy to accept new, innovative technology . For suppliers, it is easier to sell in the market due to the benefits it brings. In terms of consumer benefits, the panels are cost-effective, have a longer warranty and are higher efficiency panels which will always be their favorite option.

Seraphim dual glass modules offer increased performance warranties, how important are these warranties for the consumer?

The warranty of standard mono facial solar panels is 25 years, but the life of bifacial glass modules reaches 30 years. That’s because the annual power degradation rate of a single facial module is about 0.7%, and the annual power degradation rate of bifacial glass modules is 0.5%. It provides the consumer higher efficiency, more reliability. This results in more environmentally-friendly products.

How impactful is innovation to the solar industry as a whole?

In the immediate future, silicon solar cells are likely to continue to decrease in cost and be installed in large numbers. In the United States, these cost decreases are anticipated to increase the solar power produced by at least 700% by 2050.

Meanwhile, research on alternative designs for more efficient and less expensive solar cells will continue. Years from now, we are likely to see alternatives to silicon appearing on our solar farms and rooftops, helping to provide clean and renewable sources of energy.

These improvements have and will continue to be made possible by increasing bulk manufacturing of solar cells and new technologies that make the cells cheaper and more efficient.

Get A Quote On Seraphim Dual Glass Solar Panels

To find out more about Seraphim’s dual glass solar panels or to request a quote for a system including them, give us a call on 1800 255 474. Our solar consultants know solar, providing you with the right information to make the most informed decision possible. You can purchase dual glass panels as part of a package or individually should you wish to add them to an existing installation. You can also contact us online should you wish for us to get back to you at a time that suits.