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Tesla Powerwall 2 – Solar Energy Storage Now Available At Global Solar

Recently Global Solar Solutions were chosen to become an official reseller of the much lauded Tesla Powerwall 2. We are very excited about this development and the opportunity to bring this fantastic energy storage solution to our clients.

Tesla first made a splash in the renewable energy market when they released the original Powerwall in 2015. Given the company’s reputation for developing exciting and futuristic technology it was understandable to see a fair bit of hype around the release.

The Powerwall performed above many people’s expectations and cemented their place within the growing industry. In 2016 Tesla decided to release the Powerwall 2. While this might seem like a short amount of time between the releases the resulting product improved on the original in just about every way.

tesla powerwall 2

Tesla Powerwall 2 – Power On Demand

The Tesla Powerwall is a fully integrated AC battery system designed for residential or light commercial use. It uses rechargeable lithium-ion batteries to store energy for solar self-consumption or for backup purposes.

The Powerwall 2 is smaller than its predecessor but this doesn’t mean it delivers less, only that it has increased flexibility when it comes to installation locations. In fact when it comes to storage the Powerwall 2 actually doubles the capacity of the previous model at 14kW.

Of this 14kW, 13.5 is usable and the Powerwall has an output at 5kW which is enough for most residential applications. This can be expanded if needed by chaining them together which is great peace of mind for those concerned about a growing family or household in the future.

The Powerwall is powered by an AC-coupled battery which means there is an inverter built into the battery itself. This is an interesting feature as it means the unit can be integrated into an existing solar system without any dramas. It also acts as a failsafe, keeping the battery running should something happen to your actual solar inverter.

It comes with a 10 year warranty and Tesla guarantees that the battery will still have 70% of its capacity after this time at a minimum. This is pretty much run of the mill for lithium-ion batteries and how you choose to use the battery will have an impact on this figure.

Versatility Through Operating Modes

The versatility of the Powerwall is further extended by its ability to serve different functions depending on what your needs are. Via the Tesla mobile app you can choose to run the battery in one of 3 modes: Self-Consumption, Back-Up and Time-Based Control.

Self-Consumption is the most common mode that the battery will be run in as this lets the battery discharge solar power as the house needs it while storing unused energy for later. If there is nothing left in the battery and no solar draw (night) then the unit will direct power from the grid to the home.

Back-Up means the battery will not discharge any stored energy to power the home, letting the traditional grid provide power. In the event of a black-out the battery can provide power to the home for an extended amount of time when paired with a decent solar power system.

Time-Based Control depends on having access to information about what rates you pay for power at any given point in the day. With this information the Powerwall can charge itself when you are in off-peak for use later when the cost of powering your home is higher.

tesla app controls tesla powerwall 2

Solar Power Packages Including The Tesla Powerwall 2

We offer Tesla Powerwalls to clients both with an existing solar power system and without. If you are looking to take up solar power for the first time we can build you a great package based around the Powerwall 2 complete with solar panels, solar inverter and installation.

If you have an existing solar system and are looking to increase your energy storage capacity we can arrange to inspect your current setup to make sure it will not only integrate properly but is also suited to your needs.

To get a quote on a solar power system including the Tesla Powerwall or to order one for an existing solar system get in touch with a Global Solar consultant by calling 1800 255 474 or contacting us online. We can provide obligation free, no cost quotes to suit your power needs so you can make the most informed decision possible.