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Top 5 Solar Panels Installed in March 2021

Formbay recently published a list of the top 5 solar panels installed during march of 2021. This list was compiled using data from STC applications through the Formbay network. Having a list like this offers great insights as it is unbiased and gives us a great idea of the solar landscape in Australia.

We see some familiar names in the top 5 solar panels and we have taken an indepth look at some of these brands over the recent months. There will be a link to each detailed rundown so if you would like to know more about a particular brand we have you covered.

Q Cells
Q-MAXX G2 350

The Q-MAXX G2 solar module from manufacturer Q CELLS arrives at number 5 on the list and we can understand why. The brand has been making great strides recently due to their impressive performance and innovations.

The G2 features their proprietary Q.ANTUM DUO Technology which increases performance by getting more out of the sunlight that hits it. It does this through a combination of cell separation and rounded wires. We have looked at Q.ANTUM DUO Technology previously and you can find out more about it by clicking here.

The results mean a generous guarantee is offered on both initial and yearly degradation which means more value for the end user. They have been tested in extreme weather which is incredibly valuable for those living in Australia. The 12-busbar design combined with the rest of their technological improvements means you get great performance regardless of weather conditions.

qcells top 5 solar panels

Jinko Solar

I can’t imagine a list of top 5 solar panels ever being published without a Jinko Solar panel on it. The brand has seen great success in the Australian market and this is due to a reputation for producing quality panels. The JKM330M-60H is no different and arrives in the form of a mono perc half cell module.

A key feature is the usage of a 5 busbar solar cell that has adopted new innovations to improve the overall efficiency of the modules. This means a conversion efficiency of up to 20.45% which is helped along by the half cell structure. This gives the panel its low resistance characteristic.

The panel features advanced glass and textured cell surfaces to give excellent performance in low light. It has been certified to withstand massive wind and snow loads as well as featuring a anti-PID guarantee. Both salt mist and ammonia resistance are certified by TUV NORD which is great for a country with most of its population on the coast.

jinko top 5 solar panels

Canadian Solar

Another big player in the PV module game, Canadian Solar, makes its appearance in the top 5 solar panels. The CS3L-370MS is a mono perc module that comes with a 25 year linear power output warranty and a 12 year warranty on materials and workmanship.

It has a great tolerance for shading, delivering more power from less sunlight. Canadian Solar boasts that it can generate 24% more power than conventional modules. The lower internal current and lower hot spot temperature give the panel more reliability and a more consistent performance regardless of location.

The panel’s price is also incredible value for what it can deliver. The range has up to 4.5% lower LCOE and up to 2.7% lower system cost which is great for those budget minded people. It has also been tested for extreme weather like most modules in this list. Another nice touch is the ability to order panels with a black or silver frame.

canadian Solar panels

Trina Solar

The TSM-370DD08M is part of the Honey range of high powered mono perc modules from Trina Solar. The range features up to 380W front power and a 20.7% module efficiency. Multi busbar and half-cut cell technologies combine to bring more BOS savings. The panels have a lower resistance due to the half-cut cells as well.

PID resistance is ensured through cell process and module material control. The panel is resilient with strict performance testing and an inbuilt resistance to salt, acid and ammonia. Most panels on the market are made with a lower operating temperature which gives them better anti-shading performance and this is present here.

Cell process and module material optimisation has resulted in excellent IAM and low light performance. A lower temp coefficient and NMOT delivers more energy which leads to a lower LCOE. This basically means you get more bang for your buck from the panels over their lifetime.

trina solar panels


The LR4-60HPH-370M is part of LONGi’s high efficiency low LID mono perc panel range. Featuring half-cut cell technology they boast the same higher energy yield with lower operating temperatures as other panels on the list. They also have reduced resistive loss due to a lower operating current.

The lower operating current also combines with optimised electrical design to give the panels reduced hotspot risk. LONGi claims a conversion efficiency of up to 19.8% across the range which is actually lower than the other panels in the top 5. The low LID mono perc means you do get a slower power degradation.

LONGi do offer a generous 25 year warranty that features the promise of extra linear power output. This means they are confident in the performance of their panel well into the future which is great for consumer peace of mind. There is also a 10 year warranty on materials and processing.

longi top 5 solar panels

Want To Know More About The Top 5 Solar Panels Installed During March?

If you are interested in any of the solar panels featured in this list compiled by Formbay then we encourage you to give us a call on 1800 255 474 to talk with a solar consultant. We can work with you to establish what your solar power requirements are and what solar power package is the best for you.