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Tiger Pro is Unleashed – Jinko N-Type Solar Panels

When we took a look at Jinko Solar Panels somewhat recently there was a brief section on the then upcoming Tiger Pro series of panels that were set for release in the near future. Since then the Tiger Pro series has launched to a great reception from installers and customers alike with its abundance of technological innovations. Global Solar Solutions is thrilled to be able to supply and install these innovative panels to further enhance the value our clients get from their solar power system.

Excitement for this release started in mid 2020 when JinkoSolar announced that it had achieved a record high efficiency of 24.79% for its large-area N-Type monocrystalline silicon solar cells. This was a world record achieved through a strong dedication to R&D which Jinko is no stranger to. For years JinkoSolar research teams have led the way with experts in solar cells, silicon wafers and solar modules, resulting in consistent breakthroughs in panel efficiency.

This record was surpassed in early 2021 when JinkSolar announced it had further increased the efficiency of their n-type panels to 24.9% This was confirmed by the Institute for Solar Energy Research (ISFH) in Germany. The increase in efficiency was attributed to the introduction of further innovative technologies and improved materials such as using a different silicon substrate grown in a different method to previous panels.

tiger n type solar panel

Multi Busbar

Multi busbar technology decreasing resistance loss

HC Technology

Improve shading tolerance because of splitting a full-cell into half

Tiling Ribbon

Eliminate cell gap to increase module efficiency significantly

tiger pro solar panel

Tiger Pro – Unmatched Solar Panel Efficiency

Perhaps the most important stat relevant to the new Tiger Pro series of solar panels is the conversion efficiency of 21.4%. When this is combined with the massive 580w of power the panel can generate you are left with a panel that leads the field in valuable metrics that include BOS, ROI and LCOE. While that is a lot of letters thrown about we will take a look at what they mean and why they should be noted.

ROI means Return on Investment and this is a phrase we see outside of solar all the time as its a valuable indicator when looking to make any investment. It is a ratio between net income and investment. If something has a high ROI it means the investments gains compare favourably to its cost. With better panels we can expect to get more from our solar system with less dependency on the traditional power grid which means more savings and more return from our feed-in tariffs.

BOS stands for Balance of System. This metric takes into account all of the components that are needed for a PV system including cables, switches, fuses, racking and inverters. While these might seem like incidental costs the fact is depending on the inverter you choose these components can make up anywhere from 10%-40% of the total system cost when including installation. Less panels needed means less components needed to achieve your desired power output.

LCOE means Levelised Cost of Energy and this is the measurement of the total cost of a solar installation over its lifetime divided by the amount of energy it will generate over that same period. To put it another way, it is the net cost of electricity generation. We want this to be as low as possible and having panels that are extremely efficient at a high output means we need less investment to reap more rewards.

The Tiger Pro range also boasts a superior temperature coefficient than other panels on the market. This is a measurement based on how well a panel performs as the temperature increases. Power scores are typically taken at 77°F (25°C) as we usually see a power decrease when temperatures exceed this value. The reality is that the temperature can often far surpass that especially in a country such as Australia. When you consider how hot it can get on a roof in our summer the need for a panel that performs well in hot conditions is paramount.

tiger pro monofacial
tiger pro bifacial

Tiger Pro Range

tiger n type panel
Tiger Pro 72TR

Efficiency 21.35%
PID resistant
25 Year Linear Power Warranty

tiger n type panel
Tiger Pro 72 TR

Efficiency 21.16%
PID resistant
30 Year Linear Power Warranty

tiger n type panel
Tiger Pro 78TR

Efficiency 21.4%
PID resistant
25 Year Linear Power Warranty

tiger n type panel
Tiger Pro 78TR

Efficiency 21.21%
PID resistant
30 Year Linear Power Warranty

Jinko Tiling Ribbon Technology

Another innovation that has the Tiger Pro devouring its competition is the Tiling Ribbon (TR) technology that has been developed by JinkoSolar. By developing their own circular TR they have eliminated cell gaps which in turn increases the efficiency of the module significantly. It also increased light absorption due to its shape which means the panel can generate more power from the same sunlight other panels get.

The circular ribbon is important because it allows the reutilisation of light absorption which can be seen on the diagram. As opposed to a traditional ribbon which bounces light away from the panel the circular ribbon directs it back down onto the panel it is housing which means you get more sunlight hitting the panel.

jinko tiling ribbon

Being able to get more out of the sunlight that is given means the N-type panels in the Tiger Pro series are perfect for installations that may experience low sunlight, otherwise known as low irradiance. Typically an answer for a low sunlight installation is the addition of Maximum Power Point Tracking which is carried out by an inverter such as the Delta H8E or Delta H10E. Having a low irradiance solution on the panels as well opens up more opportunity for those who may have roofs in partial shading.

Global Solar Solutions – Stockist and Installer of JinkoSolar N-Type Tiger Pro Solar Panels

We are excited to be able to supply and install these fantastic, record breaking new panels from JinkoSolar. A better return on investment and higher power generation means our customers get the most out of their new solar power system which in turn makes us look better and we are all about that. We also enjoy working with a manufacturer who is constantly striving to innovate and in turn set new benchmarks for the industry.

The flexibility, efficiency and pricing of the Tiger Pro series of solar panels from JinkoSolar means that more people have the opportunity to make the change to a renewable power source. The TR technology means we get more out of our sunlight and the efficiency of the N-Type panels drives the value of this panel through the roof. For a quote that includes Tiger Pro panels talk with our solar consultant on 1800 255 474 or get a quote online today by clicking here.

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