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Jinko Solar Panels Overview

Since its inception JinkoSolar has strived to become a respected name in the solar power industry. Through this determination they have risen to become the largest solar module manufacturer in the world with many installers considering Jinko solar panels the best choice across the industry.

Now listed on the NYSE, JinkoSolar now provides solar panels to both commercial and residential clients in China, Australia, the United States, Japan, Germany, the United Kingdom, Chile, South Africa, India, Mexico, Brazil, the United Arab Emirates, Italy, Spain, France, Belgium, and others.

In terms of Australia, JinkoSolar has established its head office in Sydney with dedicated warehouse facilities in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth. They have an extensive customer service team working with suppliers and installers to remedy any issues that arise with the implementation of their products. Australians enjoy some of the best consumer protection laws across the globe and JinkoSolar’s commitment to outstanding customer service satisfies these stringent requirements for operating a business in our country.

Perhaps the most impressive aspect of JinkoSolar is the complete vertical integration of their production process. They control every aspect of module production from the formation of ingots to the slicing of wafers and creating solar cells, modules, frames, connectors and junction boxes. This means they can keep to strict quality control standards in regards to every single component in the finished product. Having complete control of the manufacturing process also enables them to deliver their products across the globe in near perfect time.

Their vertical integration is paired with a strong focus on R & D alongside performance and durability testing to form the reason for JinkoSolar’s success. While not always at the forefront of module innovation they started to stretch out into developing cutting edge solutions such as their new “Tiger” series of panels.

Further improvements generated by this shift can be seen with their products breaking records over the years including consistem “top score” results from testing companies including PVEL scorecards.

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    A Focus On Quality and Performance

    During our time in the industry we have worked with a number of manufacturers and suppliers of solar panels. With these experiences we have developed a deep understanding of what brands are able to deliver great results consistently and at the top of that list is JinkoSolar. Like all brands they are not perfect and a limited amount of issues is more than acceptable over decades of using their products especially given their prompt replacements and fantastic customer service.

    To get an idea about the consistency of JinkoSolar’s quality control we need only take a look at the various independent module testing services that have sprung up as the industry has grown. These services are created to give people a clear benchmark of performance without any interference due to conflicts of interest. One of the most respected services in a German based testing facility called PVEL. Each year they produce the PV Module Reliability Scorecard Report with JinkoSolar achieving a “top performer” rating the last 5 years to be ranked number 1 among the highest performing modules that are tested.

    Part of this rating comes from the panels having no severe failures or degradation over their testing which is due to the stringent quality control performed at JinkoSolar’s UL certified test facilities. Modules are put through a series of tests to make sure they can stand up to the various challenges presented to them by weather, transport and installation. JinkoSolar takes this one step further by performing due dilligence on their raw material supplies to make sure that they are getting the best in materials before they even begin their total production process.

    A Range of Options

    When it comes to the modern application of solar power there are 3 sectors that must be catered for. These sectors are residential, commercial and utility scale. JinkoSolar manufactures panels to perform in all sectors and their complete control over the production of said panels means they can even tailor panel designs to suit any requirements a challenging install might present.

    Initially during their rise through the ranks of module manufacturers they could be accused of playing it safe and producing great entry-level products that were cost effective. Their range was mostly conventional mono and poly varieties coming in either 60 or 72 cell sizes set on a standard P-type silicon base. Over time the larger manufacturers, JinkoSolar included, made the change to a more efficient mono PERC cell which saw various improvements in performance. The next change saw JinkoSolar make the change to a half-cut cell format that is based on the same silicon.

    With the implementation of advanced manufacturing facilities and an increased focus on R&D Jinko is now looking to push from the entry level, cost effective category to the high performance sector with their new panels being developed and then built on N-type cells. Premium solar module manufacturers such as LG & Panasonic have been using these cells for a while with the drawback being extended manufacturing time. Jinko’s size and development process means they are able to now produce the highest quality panels faster than ever while still offering fantastic price points due to pure volume.

    cheetah solar panel by jinkosolar

    Cheetah Series

    In regards to its modern range of PV cell solar panels JinkoSolar decided to adopt big cats at a naming convention. The first panels released under this new convention was the Cheetah range. These have become the most popular model in their entire panel lineup and are available in a range of sizes to suit both domestic and commercial applications. These panels are noted for having a great balance of quality and value for money and have performed well in installations carried out by us.

    tiger solar panel by jinkosolar

    Tiger Series

    The Tiger panels are the latest release in this series and boast a number of advancements that only improve their production. They feature larger cells, multi-busbars and a production process called “Tiling Ribbon” as dubbed by Jinko. This technique means the cells are slightly overlapped which removes the gap between them as seen on other standard panels. This means more coverage across the panel which in turn gives us better performance and efficiency per panel.

    Tiger Pro – A Different Type of Animal

    Not content to rest on their laurels, Jinko has also announced a new range they have called the “Tiger Pro”. Initially said to have an eye watering power rating of 580W, JinkoSolar went above and beyond to unveil a 610W version at the SNEC PV Power Expo in China this past August. The modules use a large area N-type monocrystalline silicon cells which achieved a record conversion efficiency of 24.79% which can be read about here.

    When asked about these new advancements Jin Hao, CTO of JinkoSolar, had the following to say:

    “We will increase our investment in R&D to ensure constant innovation in our technology, improve our products performance, and ensure the highest system compatibility. This will allow us to fulfil our commitment to offer the best service to our global customers and to allow the application of our solar modules in a variety of scenarios, further empowering the solar PV industry and achieving grid parity,”

    At the same event Jinko also showed off their first version of coloured PV modules. While solar panels have typically only come in blue this range is set to produce modules in a variety of both colour and translucency so that building designers can fold their look into their designs.

    tiger PRO solar panel

    Jinko Solar Panels Are Backed By A Generous Warranty

    JinkoSolar provides generous warranties in regards to their product lines but they do vary depending on what panel you choose. The newer N-Type panels are backed by 15 or 25 year warranties on the product and an extended 30 year performance warranty. This performance warranty means your panels are able to operate at a minimum of 87.4% of the rated power after 30 years which is incredibly impressive.

    That works out to a low loss of 0.4% per year of use over 30 years which speaks for itself given the panels are installed outdoors and exposed to the elements.

    The standard P-type panels in the Tiger range still guarantee performance with a minimum of 83.1% power production after 25 years with a product warranty of 12 years to go alongside it. The Cheetah panels which are the most popular across their range boasts a similar warranty with 12 years on the products and a minimum power output of 83.1% after 25 years. This kind of warranty only comes from complete confidence in their manufacturing and research arms.

    Global Solar Solutions – Sales & Installation of Jinko Solar Panels

    From its inception to becoming the world’s largest solar panel producer, JinkoSolar has shown itself to be a company that strives for improvements across all aspects of its production. Once a company built upon mass-manufacture of cost-effective, reliable panels, they have shifted focus to become a leading driver in innovation within the solar industry through a strong emphasis on research and development. This push has only solidified their place at the top of the ever growing pile of panel manufacturers.

    If you would like to learn more about JinkoSolar, their products or are just wanting to find out how solar power can work for you then we encourage you to give us a call on 1800 255 474 to talk with one of our staff. Our solar consultants are well versed in the industry, understanding just about everything there is to know about Jinko solar panels, and are on hand to help you gain any information you may be looking for and to answer any questions you may have. You can also get in touch with us online here or get a quick quote going online to get the full picture quickly.