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Solar Panel Maintenance – How And When Should It Be Carried Out

Solar has been around long enough now for solar panel maintenance to be something worth considering. While solar panels are typically incredibly resistant to damage and deterioration they can sometimes benefit from a quick clean to remove any dirt, leaves or other debris that may be impacting the amount of sun it receives.

Given that most panels are installed on an inclined roof then rain can end up doing most of the work for you. As you well know we are no strangers to dry periods here in Australia so there may be times where a cleaning needs to be carried out. This can be especially necessary if you have a lot of dirt being lifted around on winds.

solar panel maitenance

How To Tell If Your Solar Panels Need Maintenance

Many solar inverters these days are coming with tracking apps that let you keep an eye on the performance of your solar power system. This can be incredibly handy when looking to keep on top of the health of your panels. By tracking its output you can easily tell when it is underperforming and get a feeling for what intervals maintenance should be carried out, allowing you to work out a comfortable plan of attack.

It’s worth noting that having an app that tracks the performance of your solar panels is a great idea regardless of you wanting to carry out regular maintenance on your setup. Having the complete picture lets you gain valuable insights into when your system performs the best and what steps you can take to lower your power consumption.

How Tough Are Solar Panels?

It is actually a common misconception that solar panels are fragile and this mostly comes from the fact they are covered in glass. The reality is that solar panels are incredibly tough and they need to be. They are always exposed to the elements and solar power is used across the world so a solar panel needs to be resilient enough to withstand the weather of any given location across the globe.

For Australians the greatest threat to solar panels is probably hail. The good news is even though hail damage can occur to solar panels, the tempered glass they are made from is tough enough to resist even large sized hailstones. We took a deeper look into hail damage and solar panels recently and found that research carried out by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) found that only 0.1% of the 50,000 solar systems surveyed were damaged or malfunctioned in each yearly review.

Further to this, NREL was subject to an incredibly violent hail storm in 2017 and found only 1 panel to be broken out of the 3000 present on their campus. This is a testament to the strength of solar panels and gives both the supplier (us) and the customer (you) peace of mind. There are some considerations to be made when looking to carry out maintenance however they can be quite specific. While it’s not too common here, if you live in an area that experiences heavy snowfall then you should be clearing any snow that has accumulated over time. If this is the case then you should be careful using hot water as the extreme fluctuation in temperatures is very much a weak spot for tempered glass.

solar panel maitenance on inverter

Who Should Carry Out Maintenance On Your Solar Panels?

As we mentioned above sometimes all the panels need is a quick hose down and this can be carried out by yourself at any time. Having said that if you feel further maintenance needs to be carried out or you need to access the panels on the roof then we will always recommend contacting a professional such as Global Solar Solutions.

The Clean Energy Regulator highlights the dangers that can exist when looking to carry out maintenance of your solar panels and the rest of the system. The most notable risks to safety is the electrical hazard and also the fact that you will often be required to work on the roof. Our electricians are specialists in solar power, it’s all they do, and with this experience comes the knowledge to work safely and responsibly at all times.

We also comply with all Australian safety standards when working on roofs and pride ourselves on having zero workplace accidents since our company was created. We can bring any specialist equipment that might be required such as lifts in order to get access to your panels without damaging any other part of your building. The Clean Energy Regulator also recommends using someone who is a Clean Energy Council accredited solar panel system installer. You can view more information about the CEC and why we are an accredited member by clicking here.

What Does Solar Panel & System Maintenance Include

We will supply all equipment and safety gear that will be needed to carry out the maintenance and will work with care to not damage any part of your property when accessing your solar panels. We will check to make sure your solar panels are both clean and free of defects. This includes making sure there is no deterioration as well as checking the racking to make sure the panels are properly secured.

We will then check other system components such as the switches and the wiring to make sure everything is sound and confirm all cables are properly connected. Depending on the inverter we can also take a look at its stored data for any recorded faults and provide a fix. Any potential issues that may arise in the future will also be noted should you want to take preventative measures.

At the end of the day solar panels are very tough and the vast majority of people using solar power will never have to do any maintenance to keep it running at maximum efficiency. Keeping an eye on its performance from time to time is always a great idea and will let you know when it’s time to arrange an inspection or maintenance. If you would like to have us carry out an inspection or you have noticed a drop in your solar power output give us a call on 1800 255 474.

solar panel maitenance inspection

Arranging Solar Panel Maintenance Or Solar Panel Repair

If you think your system is underperforming and would like a second opinion give us a call on 1800 255 474 or contact us online. We can arrange a time for one of our qualified electricians to visit your home to carry out an inspection of your solar power system from the panels to the inverter. We can then let you know what maintenance is needed and how we intend to go about it.