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Solar Panel Storm & Hail Damage

What You Need To Know

Storm season is a way of life in Australia and this is especially true if you happen to live anywhere in Queensland. Summer often brings with it destructive storms that can include hail stones that can be bigger than a cricket ball and with these comes damage to property including windows, cars and even your solar panels. Servicing Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne, Global Solar Solutions are experts in dealing with solar panel storm damage.

We will take a look at how common storm damage to solar panels is as well as how Global Solar Solutions can help ascertain any damage caused to your panels by recent storms. This article also covers how we will go about repairing or replacing your damaged solar panels and some extra tips such as taking preventative measures and making sure your insurance has it all covered.

We believe that Global Solar Solutions are your best choice for the replacement or repair of solar panels due to damage caused by storms and hail. Our focus on complete customer satisfaction combined with years of experience within the industry means we are poised to deliver the best service possible.

solar panel hail damage

How Common Is Hail Damage To Solar Panels

Just because it’s going to hail doesn’t mean you need to fret about your solar panels. As the solar panels we use at Global Solar Solutions are also used all around the world and are constructed with tempered glass they are designed to withstand smaller hail travelling at up to 80 km/hr. While this affords us some peace of mind come storm season it doesn’t mean they are going to stand up to the large hailstones we can experience. Solar power hail damage can still occur no matter how tough the panels we use are.

Hail damage to your solar power system can be a serious issue if you want to get the most out of your solar power panels. While it is extremely rare to see more than 1 or 2 panels damaged by hailstones even a single break can drop the efficiency of your system significantly which means you get less power and less savings. While storm damage is the number 1 cause of solar system repairs both in Australia and across the world, solar panel hail damage is a rare occurrence as it is most often the winds that cause damage to your roof and in turn to your panels.

If you are interested in seeing for yourself how resilient solar panels can be you can take a look at some research that was carried out by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL). They carried out a survey of 50,000 solar photovoltaic (PV) systems that were installed in the U.S between 2009 and 2013. During this survey they found that only 0.1% of the panels installed were damaged or malfunctioned each yearly review. Keeping in mind these findings include malfunction it paints a great picture for those looking to get longevity out of their solar power systems.

NREL also experienced a devastating hail storm in 2017 at one of their campuses that caused significant damage to car windows and even left dents in roofs across the area. When inspecting the 3,000 solar panels on their campus they found only 1 to be broken. This is a great demonstration of the toughness that solar panels possess and the infrequency of damage caused by violent weather.

So while you don’t need to call us out every time there is some hail in your area it does pay to monitor the output of your solar power system at your inverter to make sure there are no changes after a violent storm. Luckily a lot of modern solar systems come with apps to help you easily monitor their condition which makes this an easy task to add to your list of things to do. Even if you haven’t been experiencing storms we always recommend checking on your system on at least a monthly basis to make sure everything is performing as it should be.

Solar Panel Storm Damage Inspections

If you have experienced a storm with large hailstones and you are concerned or have noticed a drop in power output from your solar panels then you can arrange for a Global Solar Solutions technician to carry out a rooftop inspection to determine if there is any damage to your solar panels. Our specialist electricians have been working exclusively in solar for a while now and have seen just about everything.

We have a range of equipment on hand so we can access your roof in the safest manner possible while completely avoiding any damage to your home or office. All of our work is carried out in compliance with Australian safety standards.

We will not only inspect the panels but also the connection to your roof as well as the wiring to make sure every component of your home or commercial solar system is in top working order and does not need replacement. We will then create an itemised report that outlines every fault and how we intend to go about fixing it. Our aim is to make sure you understand everything that is happening and the reasons for our suggestions. Where possible we will take images so you can get a clear look at what has happened to your solar panels during the storm.

solar panel inspection

Solar Panel Repair & Replacement

Once we carry out a full inspection of the solar system we will present you with a report that you can give to your insurer so that you can make a claim to cover your repair costs. Our time in the industry combined with our reputation means getting a claim is easier than ever and that means we can move ahead with a replacement panel or system in good time to get your home back onto green energy as fast as possible.

When we take a look at the damage to your system we will always weigh up the different options available to us before we give you our report. While solar panel repair is possible it is not always the best course of action. Solar panels are made up of many cells and they are designed to work as a whole.This plus the complex nature of their construction means that a replacement panel is often the cheaper course of action.

If your solar system is up to code, complying completely with Australian standards, then we can arrange for a new panel to be installed in place of the damaged one. We can then connect it to your existing solar power system and your system will be as good as new. On occasion we have found systems to not be compliant with standards either due to shoddy installation or being installed a long time ago and if this is the case we will provide you with a quote for a replacement system for your home or office.

Solar Power Systems & Australian Standards

While replacing a panel would be cheaper we cannot provide service and sign off on a system that is not compliant with Australian solar standards. This is both for your safety and also so we can keep our accreditations. We will not risk our reputation within the industry.

Global Solar Solutions also carry out general solar panel repairs and inspections of solar systems to ensure they do not need any maintenance. There is no point in worrying needlessly when peace of mind is only a phone call away.

If you are worried about the quality of your solar power panels or the installation of your solar power system when facing the upcoming storm season then you can always ask us to carry out an inspection to see how susceptible you are to storm damage including any hail damage your solar panels might experience. If we determine that your system can be improved we can leave you with a report detailing suggestions and provide a quote for the work to be carried out.

solar panel storm damage

Solar Panel Damage & Home Insurance

More often than not your solar panels will be covered under your home insurance. While this varies from insurer to insurer we strongly advise to make sure your system is covered when making the decision to install it. If you have already had a system installed and you are concerned about solar panel storm damage then you should give your current home insurance supplier a call and make sure it is included in your plan.

Global Solar Solutions is also an approved retailer of the Clean Energy Council which means you can rest assured when choosing us to carry out your solar panel repair or replacement due to damage caused by storms and hail. The code of conduct outlined by the CEC means all of our work must be to the highest standards as well as our advice being centered around the consumers well being rather than our own profitability. For more information on the CEC you can see our page about them here or visit their website to learn more.

It also pays to stay up to date with what’s happening in regards to the weather in your area. This means you can monitor conditions and anticipate any serious storms which might cause solar panel damage. You might want to download a weather app, sign up for text alerts or follow a weather reporting account on any social media so you can make sure you know when those storms are approaching.

Global Solar Solutions Are Solar Panel Repair Specialists

As we have mentioned, solar panel storm damage is a rare occurrence but will happen from time to time and if you find yourself with solar panels damaged by hailstones the best course of action is to simply call Global Solar Solutions on 1800 255 474 to talk with an experienced and qualified electrician about having your solar panels repaired. If you would prefer you can also contact us online to arrange a time for us to contact you.