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Why we Choose PowerWave Racking to Support Our Solar

When it comes to the sales and installation of solar power products the focus is on the solar panels and inverter for the most part and for good reason. These are the main components and their quality will dictate your return.

For us at Global Solar Solutions our focus is on the complete package from the panels down to the racking that we use to attach these expensive components to your home or business. We apply the same attention for detail we are known for as well as our standards of quality across the board which means you get the best in every aspect of your new solar power setup.

Finding Like-Minded Partners is Key

When it came down to choosing the supplier of our solar “racking” the choice was made based on reputation, certification and value. While the product did not have to be produced in Australia the company needed to be so that we were able to communicate quickly within business hours and easily process warranty returns in good time in the event of a faulty product.

All of these requirements were met when we found PowerWave’s roof solar mounting kits. The quality of the materials used is second to none and they come in a variety of configurations which means we always have the ability to completely secure your panels to any type of roof regardless of shape and location.

Produced in state of the art facilities these components are made from long lasting and durable materials which are designed to stand the test of time and the Australian weather. They are resistant to corrosion which is extremely important in a country like Australia where many of us happen to live on the coastal fringes.

Meeting Industry Standards at a Minimum

The design of PowerWave’s racking is robust and makes installation simple regardless of conditions. The components are strictly tested and all adhere to Australian engineering standards including AS/NZS 1170.2 with the product being fully certified. This is crucial to maintaining warranty on your panels and any other component they help to mount.

The racking also comes with a 15 year return to tradezone warranty for both commercial and domestic use which gives both Global Solar Solutions and our clients complete confidence that these parts are built to last. Our goal is to provide you with the best possible solar setup with as little hassle as possible and PowerWave racking helps us achieve this goal daily.

We Focus on Every Aspect of Your Solar System

With all of our solar PV products being attached with PowerWave racking you can have complete peace of mind that every component in your solar array has been carefully selected by us to be the best in its class. From the panels themselves to the inverter and down to the nuts and bolts we have strived to give you the most value possible even with components you cant see.

For more information on our solar racking or any of our panels, inverters and packages please do not hesitate to get in touch with Global Solar Solutions to discuss any questions you may have with a solar power expert. Our consultants are on hand to give you the information you need before you start your solar power journey so give us a call on 1800 255 474 or get in touch with us online.