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Do You Need A Solar Battery?

Australia has seen an explosion of solar uptake over the past few years and as the sector begins to stabalise and become the norm people are looking for ways to increase the versatility of their new power source. The most common upgrade solar users will make is the installation of a solar battery and this makes a lot of sense when you think about how solar works.

As we well know by now solar energy comes from the sun. We capture the energy given to us by sunlight with our solar panels and this is sent throughout the home or workplace by our solar inverter to give us a clean renewable source of power. While this is all well and good during the day, what about at night when no sunlight is available?

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How Does A Solar Battery Help You?

If you are still connected to the grid, which is the most common solar setup, then at night you will simply draw power as any non-solar home or business would. You still get to benefit from solar power during the day and being connected to the grid means you can take advantage of any feed-in tariffs that may be available in your state.

While a feed-in tariff is a great way to offset the power bill that your nighttime power draw generates, a better solution would be to have a solar battery installed so that you can use your own solar power when the sun goes down and still feed excess back to the grid during the day. It is a best of both worlds situation and will result in the biggest solar savings possible.

What Does A Solar Battery Do?

When integrated into your solar power system, a solar battery will work with your solar inverter to store any excess power generated during the day. This is a seamless process that you will not notice whatsoever and will not interrupt the power supply to your home. At night or during extremely low light your system will switch over to the energy stored in the battery.

It’s very straightforward and we believe the benefits are also obvious. If your goal is to eventually become completely self sustainable then solar batteries are a key part in this process. Anyone running a stand-alone solar system will already be experienced when it comes to solar batteries as they are imperative to those off-grid systems.

Another key benefit of having a solar battery installed is blackout protection. Power outages rarely pick a good time to happen and having a solar battery means your home can quickly transition to your solar battery power even if the traditional grid fails in your area. It is a very handy benefit that often goes overlooked.

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What Should You Look For In A Solar Battery?

There are a few factors that you should consider when it comes to choosing the right solar battery for your home. While a couple of these are common sense there is also a technical contributor called “depth of discharge” that we will go over so you can understand what makes a solar battery right for your new or existing solar power system.

Depth of discharge (DoD) is the capacity that is discharged from a fully charged battery compared to its normal capacity. While it might seem strange, not all batteries are able to release all of the power they have stored. In general batteries should not be discharged completely as this cuts their lifespans significantly and the amount of times a battery is charged and then discharged will determine its lifespan.

So if we take this into consideration it becomes clear that a higher DoD will give us a longer lasting battery as we can draw more from each cycle, using more of our stored energy to get the most savings possible. Technological improvements have seen solar batteries attain higher and higher DoD ratings over the past few years with modern lithium ion batteries advertising a DoD of 100%.

Aside from the batteries DoD rating we also need to look at its power capacity. In order to work out the right capacity for your needs you will need to work out what your expected power draw is during the evening and what the goal for your battery is. Are you looking to be completely self-sustainable or are you happy enough to still draw from the grid if needed? Talking with a solar consultant can be very helpful in working this out.

The last factor we should be considering is on the consumer end with promised lifespans and warranties. Protection against failures, malfunctions and the ability to get support is vital when undertaking any part of a solar power installation. Typically a warranty for a solar battery will be measured in years or cycles, whatever comes first.

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Solar Battery Options With Global Solar Solutions

We carry a range of solar batteries that are designed to meet the needs of both commercial and residential clients. From smaller capacity batteries for those looking to shave some more off of their power bills to large scale batteries for off-grid and remote operations. No matter what your power needs are, we have a solar battery to suit your needs.

Want To Know If A Solar Battery Is Right For You?

If you have been thinking of adding a solar battery to your existing solar power system or are considering taking up solar for the first time, talking to an experienced solar consultant is a great idea. Our team can walk you through each deciding factor and help you gather the relevant information that will help you make the best decision that will meet your home or business needs.

To talk with a solar consultant about solar batteries, give us a call on 1800 255 474 or fill in our online contact form to arrange a time for us to get in contact with you.