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Solar Panel Warranties Explained

Solar panel warranties are a major factor when it comes to the widespread uptake of solar. Protecting your investment is always advisable and we always make sure to advise our clients about the warranties on offer throughout our range of solar panels. Many are surprised to learn that the warranties for solar panels can be anywhere up to 30 years. What do these warranties cover and what should you be looking for when it comes to assessing a solar panels warranty?

3 Types Of Solar Panel Warranties

Panel Performance Over Time

As solar panels age they slowly become less efficient in terms of harvesting energy from the sun’s power. Because of this, solar panels will come with a performance warranty that stipulates the minimum efficiency you can expect after a given period of time. These can vary but industry standard tends to be around 80% after 25 years of use.

Solar panel manufacturers spend a considerable amount on R & D to improve these warranties, with a good example of this being the Seraphim Dual Glass range of solar panels that boast a panel efficiency of 84.95% after 30 years. Canadian Solar also features 30 year performance warranties on various panels.

solar panel warranties - performance

Product Material & Workmanship Warranty

The product warranty covers the build quality for the panels should a serious fault occur. Solar panels are, for the most part, very tough and are often tested in various weather conditions and usage scenarios. Having said that, unforeseen faults can occur so you need to be covered should you need a replacement panel. Industry standard for solar panel product warranties sits somewhere between 10-15 years.

Much like the performance warranties, certain solar panel manufacturers have longer periods on offer depending on the model you go with. Looking again to Canadian Solar, we note some panels across their range come with 25 year product warranties which is certainly nothing to sneeze at.

manufacturer warranty - solar panel warranties

Installer Warranty

This one is a little broader and very much varies from installer to installer. There is little use to having the panels covered by various warranties if the installer does not offer one for their role as well. We have seen installer warranties starting from just 12 months and extending to 10 years or higher. Aside from giving you peace of mind, these warranties give you an insight into how much confidence the installer has in their labour.

We offer a 25 year workmanship guarantee on all of our installations and we stand behind it. Our installers are all highly experienced sparkies that specialise in solar installations and we never take shortcuts. We understand solar is an investment and are here with you at every stage of the journey.

Things To Consider When Looking At Warranties

What Is The History Of The Manufacturer?

One of the best indicators that a solar panels warranty is reliable is the company history of the manufacturer. The solar power industry is now a mainstay in modern business and with this industry stability comes the emergence of manufacturers that are in solar for the long run. It is easy to view a company’s history with a quick Google search, noting how long they have been active within the solar industry.

Knowing how dedicated the manufacturer is to research and development can also be a good indicator. We recommend chatting with a solar consultant about what companies they feel are the most reliable within the industry. We only stock and supply solar components from trusted manufacturers that have proven they are in the industry for the long run.

manufacturer history

Does The Manufacturer Have Service Locations In Australia?

There are not many solar panel manufacturers located in Australia. The vast majority of solar panels are produced in China which means having service locations within Australia is a big deal. Should something happen to your solar panel that means it needs to be replaced, having a domestic point of call makes the entire process easier. It also lets you know the manufacturer is serious about doing business here.

What Is The History Of The Installer?

Making sure your installer is dedicated to the solar industry is also a great idea. During the solar boom we saw a lot of overnight operations pop up to offload large amounts of panels before disappearing. As the industry has stabilised we have seen these pop up businesses subside almost completely but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do a little digging into the history of your chosen installer.

It is easy to check reviews online these days and it can give you a big insight into how a company handles claims. Making sure the company has a decent amount of time within the solar industry is also a must. You should always feel free to ask as many questions as needed in order to confirm you are choosing the right solar installer.

installer history

Are Other Parts Of My Solar System Covered By Warranties?

The 2 other key components of any solar installation are the solar inverter and solar battery, both of which are covered by warranties just like any other piece of electronic equipment. An inverter will typically have a 5-10 year warranty and solar batteries will have a warranty based on time or number of discharge cycles. Your solar consultant can advise you on these warranties as needed.

What If I Need To Make A Warranty Claim?

The first step is to contact your installer and let them know your system is not performing as normal. Unless the fault lies with the inverter, there is a good chance the only thing you will notice is a drop in energy supply from your system. Your installer will then head out to inspect the system and determine if any solar panel faults exist.

What happens next can depend on the type of panel in question but standard procedure is to send the panel back to base and lodge the warranty claim for the client. When the claim is accepted we can arrange a time to come out and replace the panel in question. Turn around times may vary from manufacturer to manufacturer but we will do everything possible to expedite this process.

Have More Questions Related To Solar Panel Warranties?

If you want to know more about a particular solar panel warranty or would like more information in general, get in touch with Global Solar Solutions on 1800 255 474 to talk with a solar consultant you can trust. We offer obligation free advice and quotes on everything solar and are happy to provide any information needed. You can also contact us online to have us get back to you via email.