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The Victorian Solar Rebate in 2021

Initially launched in August of 2018, the Victorian Solar Homes Program has seen overwhelming success in getting solar onto Victorian roofs while saving people money. The program was initially set up to help just under 780,000 homes install solar panels, battery systems or solar hot water systems through interest free loans and rebates.

Solar Victoria regularly releases reports detailing monthly installation figures as can be seen here for December of 2020. If we take a look at the numbers in this easy to understand infographic it becomes clear that this initiative is working and real people are saving real money and that it is having a marked impact on the industry as we see solar flourish across Australia.

Since its start the program has seen over 132,000 applications approved with 6,114 coming just in December. Of these applications approved 116,393 installations have been completed in total with 6,602 being finished in December. The ratio of applications approved to installations finished demonstrates that not only are people serious about making the change but they also view the rebates and loans on offer to be of great value.

In fact we can see that the program has paid out $230 million since its inception to Victorian residents with plans to expand these offerings to small businesses in the near future. The program has seen 113,971 solar panel systems installed since 2018 with 1,049 solar hot water systems and 1,373 solar battery systems also being installed across the same timespan. They also list the top 10 solar adopting suburbs across Victoria:

  1. Tarneit
  2. Clyde North
  3. Craigieburn
  4. Point Cook
  5. Truganina
  6. Wyndham Vale
  7. Cranbourne East
  8. Wollert
  9. Berwick
  10. Pakenham

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    Solar Rebate & Loan Scheme For Victorian Small Business

    In light of the success of the Solar Homes program for residents the Victorian government is set to offer a similar program to small businesses across the state. When you think about this it makes a lot of sense when looking to lower emissions and push the transition to renewable energy. A business will typically use much more power than a residential property so helping them to lower their demand on fossil fuel is a net positive.

    While the intent to expand the program has been stated, Solar Victoria is currently working with Business Victoria and other consultants to design the roll-out of the program. So while you may have to wait a little longer to take advantage of this offer you can hop on over to the Solar Victoria page relating to the expansion to register your interest. This means you will be updated as to how things are progressing and when the program is expected to be live.

    Solar Battery Rebate for Victorian Households

    While many people hear solar they tend to think of just the panels and the inverter. If you are looking to get the most out of your solar power system installing a battery is a great idea. Solar generates its power during the day and this is when most people are out of the house (this has changed recently due to COVID restrictions). By installing a solar battery you are able to store the energy gathered during the day for dispersal during the evening.

    With solar batteries becoming more and more prevalent the Solar Homes Program has provided an extremely generous rebate of up to $4,174 at point of sale. This rebate is available to every Victorian postcode until the 30th of June 2021. This is a rebate offer only and the interest free loans offered to full solar system purchases are not extended to batteries.

    When taking up the battery rebate you must make sure that you, the provider and the product are eligible. The Solar Victoria website has a list of authorised solar providers and Global Solar Solutions is one of them. They have also compiled a spreadsheet detailing which products are part of the rebate offers. While this list can be a bit daunting we can see the most common manufacturers listed including many of the brands we provide. These lists consist of providers and manufacturers that meet the standards set by the Clean Energy Council, Energy Safe Victoria and other relevant authorities.

    When you have decided on the right battery for your current home solar power system we will then claim the rebate for you and deduct it from the cost of the battery and its installation. This means we do the legwork for you and you get to immediately enjoy the rebate. This prevents long delays and means you can start saving more money sooner with Solar Victoria pointing out that installing a battery can help a typical household save up to $640 a year.

    A complete eligibility list can be found on the Solar Battery Rebate page on the Solar Victoria website by clicking here. It will give you a complete rundown of who is able to apply and also includes a handy solar battery rebate fact sheet. If all of this seems a bit daunting then you can always give Global Solar Solutions a call on 1800 255 474 to find out if you are in fact eligible and how to go about applying.

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    Solar Rebates For Rental Properties

    We are often approached by both renters and landlords asking about how they are able to benefit from solar power. The Solar for Rentals program offers landlords a rebate of up to $1,850 if they are eligible for the installation of PV solar panels on their property. This helps you save money upfront while also increasing the appeal of the property and saves the tenants money on their power bill. Sounds good right?

    To further assist landlords in getting their solar up and running you can also apply for an interest free loan of up to $1,850. This generous rebate and loan offer are available across the state until the 30th of June 2021.

    Information For Landlords

    If you are a landlord looking to take advantage of the rebate and loan offers you can find a complete rundown of what the process entails on the Solar Victoria website. This includes an eligibility list and breakdowns of loan repayments. It also outlines the Landlord-Tenant agreement that must be signed by both parties in order to take these offers up. You can choose to pay for it yourself or have the renter co-contribute.

    Information For Renters

    Just because you rent doesn’t mean you can’t work with your landlord to reduce your power bills by having solar power installed on your rental. As the renter you will see the benefits in a reduced power bill where you can expect to save hundreds of dollars per year. You can find an incredibly detailed breakdown of the process on the Solar Victoria website that even includes an email template to send to your landlord!

    Victorian Solar Panel Rebate

    While we have done a general overview of the main part of the Solar Homes Program in the past we thought it best to take another look to see if anything had changed since then and the good news is much hasn’t. The Victorian government still offers a rebate of up to $1,850 for the installation of a solar panel (PV) system with the option to also take up an interest free loan.

    Like the rest of the program we have talked about these offers are valid up until the 30th of June in 2021. The same rules and regulations apply in that you must have the installation carried out by an authorised solar provider and the products used must be on the approved products list. It is also worth noting that the rebate must be applied for BEFORE the installation is carried out.

    For a complete eligibility list you can visit the solar panel rebate page on the Solar Victoria website. Here you can find all the relevant information relating to the program and how you can get the ball rolling. It also has a bunch of handy pdf files for download such as the solar panel rebate fact sheet which can give you great insight into what the program is all about

    Global Solar Solutions – Authorised Solar Provider for Victoria

    If you are in Victoria and are considering getting solar then Global Solar Solutions are also able to field any questions you may have about your eligibility and can walk you through the process of being approved. We have helped many Victorians enjoy these generous rebates across the state and firmly believe the Vicotrian government has done a great job with this program so far. The best way to push the change to renewable power is to make the barrier for entry as easy as possible and the rebates and loans on offer are certainly doing this.

    If you would like to find out what steps are involved in taking advantage of these offers and what the total cost of your system will be after rebate, get in touch with us to discuss your options with an expert solar consultant. We take great pride in being a part of the authorised solar providers for Victoria and our experience in dealing with the Solar Homes program provided by Solar Victoria means we can break down the entire process into bite sized pieces for easier digestion.

    Contact Global Solar Solutions today on 1800 255 474 or contact us online to discuss how you can take advantage of the generous rebates and interest free loans that are on offer. Not only does making the change to solar improve both the environment and your bank balance, it is now easier than ever with the upfront cost being dramatically reduced.