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Q CELLS Total Solutions Package

We have spent some time recently talking about the various components of solar power systems including solar inverters, solar panels and solar batteries. With all these various parts all playing a role in delivering power from the sun it can sometimes seem overwhelming to those coming to solar for the first time.

Luckily Q CELLS has created what they call a Total Solutions Package that comes with everything you need to get the best possible return on your solar investment in one customisable bundle. This makes solar shopping a breeze and has a few extra benefits that will give you peace of mind.

Having a single branded solution has significant advantages including a single point of contact for any warranty or tech support issues. If you are dealing with a single company then you only need to concern yourselves with their long-term reliability. Q CELLS boasting over 22 years of history in the solar industry and being backed by Hanwha Group, the 7th largest South Korean conglomerate (in the same league as the companies you may be more familiar with, Samsung and LG to name a few) and Fortune 500 company mean they are here for the long run.

q cells total solutions package

The key differentiator of one module from the other is the solar cell by which the particular module is composed. All of Q CELLS solar cells and panels are engineered in Germany. No third party manufacturer (OEM) involved unlike the most solar manufacturers out in the market. Q CELLS panels are the product of significant investment into research and development for over two decades. We recently took a look at their impressive Q.ANTUM solar cell technology and saw the power of innovations driven from this commitment to pushing the industry forward.

They have been operating in Australia for 12 years in North Sydney with a team of 20 full-time employees. Their technical support team is reachable via 2 hotlines – 1-800-Q-CELLS available Mon-Fri and 1-800-Q-HOME-0operating 7 days a week with contact centres in Australia for quick and easy resolution of any issues. This is important and shows that their dedication to our market is nothing to sneeze at. It also makes our job a lot easier should any potential issues arise with your solar components as solutions can be delivered in excellent time.

Selecting Your Total Solutions Package

The Q CELLS Total Solutions Package is made up of 3 components: Solar Modules, PV Inverters and Energy Storage System (ESS). By taking a step by step approach to selecting each component you can tailor the package exactly to your needs without being overwhelmed by the decision.

Step 1: Choosing Your Solar Panels

The first step is picking the right solar panels for your needs. All of the panels available for selection in the Total Solutions Package are based on Q CELLS’ proprietary Q.ANTUM solar cell technology which uses state of the art technology to capture more sunlight which means you get more power and less degradation from the same sunlight compared to other panels on the market.

Q CELLS solar panels are also tested for extreme weather which is incredibly important in the Australian Climate. Q CELLS is the only manufacturer that continuously tests its panels at James Cook University Cyclone Lab to ensure they are able to withstand 1-in-500 year cyclone. They also are the only manufacturers that continuously install and monitor real-climate performance at Alice Spring Desert Knowledge Solar Centre.

All of the solar modules on offer are covered by either a 15 or 25 year product warranty, with all of them coming with a 25 year performance warranty. The performance warranty means they guarantee at least 85% nominal power generation at the end of the 25 years, the best in its class. This means you can rest easy knowing you are getting the best possible return for your solar investment year after year.

Q CELLS Total Solutions Solar Module Choices

qcells performance series

Q CELLS performance package ensures lasting performance and value

q cells premium series

Premium quality, longer warranty, more peace of mind. Ultimate confidence is yours.

q cells premium innovate

Cutting edge, zero-gap technology means more power in less space and sleek look.

Step 2: Choose Your Add-Ons

After you have picked the right solar module for your home energy needs you then need to decide between 2 add-ons. You have the choice between a solar only solution or building a package that includes storage. This decision is made easier by the fact that you can upgrade to the storage solution anytime within 12 months of installation of the inverter component should you choose to.

Solar storage is fast becoming a standard in the industry and for good reason. Most people are at work during the day and therefore use most of their power during the evening. As solar systems draw their power from sunlight a storage solution means minimal waste and further savings as you are able to draw on your solar power throughout the evening.

Solar Only Solution

This option combines your selected Q CELLS solar panel with a Q.VOLT 5kW Hybrid Inverter. You also get a SwitchDin Droplet for energy management/monitoring and a 10 year subscription to the SwitchDin Monitoring Platform.

Solar + Storage Solution

This features the same Hybrid Inverter, Droplet and 10 year subscription as the Solar Only option. It also comes with Q.SAVE 6.3 – 18.9kW lithium ion batteries.

Both of these options are fantastic value in our opinion and the flexibility to upgrade to storage within 12 months is a unique feature no other manufacturer offers in the market. This gives you enough time to see the impact of solar power on your budget, making the choice to upgrade based on the actual generation and consumption pattern monitored by SwitchDin Droplet and life-time subscription!

q cells total solutions solar options

SwitchDin Droplet & Energy Monitoring

Both of the add-on packages come with SwitchDin Droplets which are innovative home energy management systems (HEMS). This device gives you untold insight into your solar power system and can be used as an energy management system and battery energy storage system controller.

The SwitchDin Droplet also gives you access to the Stormcloud platform which means you can participate in Virtual Power Plants and other emerging energy markets. Being a part of these means you can direct excess power back to a grid so that it can be distributed elsewhere. This not only helps the environment by filling the grid with green energy but can also turn you a profit.

You will also get access to Smart Energy Management through the Droplet. It can provide monitoring and control for each device in your solar setup. This gives you the ability to balance and optimise your power output to suit your homes needs. While you might not want to go into that level of detail it is nice to have the option and one that will be appreciated by those who want to know more about their homes energy consumption.

How To Purchase A Q CELLS Total Solutions Package

If you are interested in purchasing a Q CELLS Total Solutions Package you can call Global Solar Solutions on 1800 255 474 to chat with one of our expert solar consultants. We can answer any additional questions you may have regarding the package or Q CELLS and help guide you through the process of choosing the right options for your solar needs.

You can also contact us online using our quote form to have a consultant get back to you via email. Our role is to provide you with any information you might need so you can make the most informed decision possible. We are excited about these bundled packages as we believe it makes it easier than ever to get the right system installed.

If you would like to learn more about the Q CELLS Total Solutions Package in your own time you can download the information brochure by clicking here. It contains a bunch of useful info and technical data for your own perusal. We believe this is an excellent product delivered in an easy to understand package and is a further example of Q CELLS commitment to improving the solar industry now and into the future.