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Powerwave Solar Panels – Value Through Innovation

Powerwave is an Australian owned company that is renowned for delivering high quality solar panels with tremendous performance. One of the things we appreciate the most when it comes to working with Powerwave solar panels is their understanding that solar is an investment and are committed to providing first class support throughout the life of your panels.

Their versatile range of panels means you can find the perfect solar system to suit your needs and enjoy peace of mind knowing that they stand behind their products. The company itself sits upon an extremely solid foundation, backed by Australia’s largest online electrical wholesaler Tradezone, which is vital for us when it comes to choosing what products we supply to our clientele.

We have grown very fond of these panels throughout our time using them, finding their performance and the support from Powerwave to be outstanding. We recently carried out an overhaul of rugby star Nick “Honey Badger” Cummins’ off-grid solar system and our panels of choice for this project were Powerwave due to the confidence the product has instilled in us.

The Benefits Of Half-Cell Solar Technology

Powerave solar panels are divided into 2 separate series which are named Obsidian and Twin Power. Both of these panels feature half-cell technology which gets you more from each panel by increasing its output. Each array on the panel features solar cells that are half the size of traditional cells. By doing this Powerwave is able to use smaller currents to transfer the power gathered and this results in less “Cell To Module” loss.

Another benefit of half-cell solar arrays is that the space between cells is doubled. As light makes its way through these spaces it is reflected multiple times which means we get more chances to harvest the power it contains. When you combine this with the lower current and series resistance that helps to reduce mismatch loss we are left with a panel that its built to perform.

twin power powerwave solar panel

Powerwave Solar Panels Have Better Response To Shading

Not only are the individual cells halved in size but the whole panel itself is composed of 2 separated but identical arrays that have their own current paths. By doing this Powerwave is able to reduce the impact that shading has on their panels because if one half is in the shade the other will still be producing power as normal.

There are other benefits to having the panel separated into 2 different arrays such as reduced hot spot effect. Internal power loss is also reduced which brings more value to the panel which is greatly appreciated. As the 2 arrays on each panel are completely separated should one be damaged in some way that is not covered by their warranty the panel can be cut in half and reused.

obsidian powerwave solar panel

Powerwave Solar Panels Mean Value

By focusing on producing a quality product with features such as half-cell solar arrays, Powerwave has risen fast through the ranks of solar PV manufacturers in terms of value. Powerwave solar panels have more output per M² and feature a maximum efficiency of 19.8% which is excellent in an already competitive market where everyone is looking to get the edge.

With lower power loss and better response to shading further increasing the value each panel brings you end up with a higher return on investment (ROI) and reduced balance of system cost as you need less panels to get the job done when compared to its competitors. We mentioned before that Powerwave understands that solar is an investment and it is extremely encouraging to see no corners being cut with their products.

Key Panel Benefits

  • More Ouput Per M²

  • Fantastic Efficiency

  • Higher ROI

  • Lower Power Loss

  • Better Shading Response

  • T1 Manufactured

Warranty is always important when considering investing into solar and all of the solar panels Powerwave produce come with a 25 year linear power output warranty. This guarantees that the Obsidian panels will produce no less than 80.7% of its original power at 25 years of use and 84.8% for the Twin Power range. In terms of material and workmanship, the Obsidian line has a 10 year warranty and the Twin Power panel has a 15 year.

Get A Quote On Powerwave Solar Panels

If you are interested in getting a new solar system featuring Powerwave solar panels or would like to add to your existing solar system give Global Solar Solutions a call on 1800 255 474 or fill in our quick quote form on this page to have us get back to you.

Our experienced solar consultants are on hand to provide you with any relevant information you might need and can assist you in determining what system your home or business will need based on your current power demands.

We offer obligation free quotes for both residential and commercial solar systems so you have nothing to lose when it comes to getting a quote. Many people are surprised at the savings a solar system can bring and with more and more Aussies taking up solar to offset power costs we are thrilled to see renewable energy thriving across our beautiful country.

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