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Off-Grid Solar With RedEarth Energy Storage

Global Solar Solutions are excited to announce a partnership with RedEarth Energy Storage to supply and install their outstanding range of solar batteries and turn-key solar packages designed for off-grid use. We are always looking for new partners who share our ethos of quality products and workmanship and RedEarth was an easy fit for this bill.

Being able to provide those looking for an off-grid energy solution with products we can fully stand behind has been a goal of Global Solutions for a while now. As the solar market grows and competition drives prices down, more and more people are looking to break away from the traditional on-grid system and make their home completely self-sufficient in terms of power.

What Does Off-Grid Solar Mean?

For the most part all solar power systems operate in much the same way. Solar panels take power from the sun and deliver it to either a battery or a solar inverter so it can be converted to AC power. This AC power is then used by your home or office just the same as it would if delivered by the traditional grid.

The difference between on and off-grid solar systems is that the off-grid is completely separated from the traditional electricity grid. This means the solar system needs to be able to generate enough power to not only supply the home’s power needs at any given moment but also store additional power away for use when there is no sunlight.

This means you will never see another power bill again, nor will you be subject to blackouts. The potential savings over time can be incredibly drastic but the need for more solar batteries than a normal on-grid setup means there is a higher cost of entry. While you will not be able to take advantage of feed-in tariffs and the like, the fact you are not paying a power bill will more than likely offset this loss of revenue.

Having an off-grid home can be a choice but for some there is no alternative. Those in very remote areas with little or no infrastructure are reliant on off-grid systems to give them the power they need in day to day life. This is an often overlooked aspect of the energy market that we feel needs more attention.

As populations increase we need to look for places other than the coast to settle populations and off-grid power gives people the ability to make a home anywhere they want. It also makes it possible for remote communities to have a regular supply of power.

RedEarth Off-Grid Solar Batteries & Off-Grid Systems

Considering you are completely reliant on your solar batteries during the night and days with reduced sunlight it is imperative that they be dependable. ReadEarth is an Australian owned company that makes all of its products right here in Australia. Their batteries and complete off-grid systems are engineered and assembled in their Brisbane factory.

This is great for your peace of mind and honestly for ours as well. Having a supplier with local roots means any technical support or warranty claims are able to be sorted in quick time. We can also expect tremendous build quality and this is vital for those that are relying on their products as their only source of power.

The inverters used in their incredible turn-key off-grid systems are also of the highest quality to match their own components. With brands such as Fronius, Selectronic and Victron the quality and value of these all in one systems is unrivaled in the market.

redearth solar battery

Global Solar Can Provide The Following RedEarth Products

BlackMax – Off-Grid Power

The BlackMax is a compact all in one off-grid system that is best suited to a small house, shed or weekender. It has a continuous output of 5kW with the capacity to house 1 to 3 4.1kW/H batteries. It can support anywhere from 8-20 solar panels with the ability to have 2 strings of panels in parallel.

With input support for generators and a 15A output the BlackMax is designed for easy integration. Should your batteries run flat overnight it also has a “cold start” feature which means it will start by itself once the sun hits the panels in the morning.

BlackMax Off-Grid RedEarth

SunRise – Hybrid Home Battery System

The SunRise Hybrid system comes in both single phase and 3 phase configurations. The single phase system is made for residential use and can support from 0 to 6 batteries with 4.1kW/H of storage each. For a more compact solution the SunRise Mini variant can house 1-3 of the same capacity batteries.

The 10kW 3 phase version can house 4-9 batteries with a storage capacity of 3.55kW/H. 1-2 additional cabinets can be installed to extend the total power provided to 96kw/H. Options for 3 phase hybrid energy solutions are scarce currently so having such a reliable product fill a gap in the industry is something we truly appreciate.

SunRise Off-Grid RedEarth

Honey Badger – Rural & Commercial Off-Grid

Designed for applications where space is not a primary consideration, the Honey Badger is an off-grid only power system that comes with a 10kW Victron inverter with two MPPT’s by default. For added versatility the system can also be designed for 5kW and 8kW configurations up to 32.8kW/H of battery.

The Honey Badger can house our own RedEarth Troppo 4.1kW/H batteries or house 3rd party batteries such as Pylontech albeit with reduced capacity. It can also auto start a backup generator or turn on a signal light should a generator be manual start only. This ready to run system can be installed inside or outside as is needed.

HoneyBadger Off-Grid RedEarth

Off-Grid Residential and Commercial Power With RedEarth

While RedEarth has even more off-grid power products on offer these give you a great idea of the versatility their product range provides. Another outstanding aspect of their product range is the qualification for government rebates and incentives.

The BlackMax and Honey Badger both qualify for STC’s as long as the solar panels and installer are both CEC approved. Global Solar Solutions are a CEC approved solar installer and our massive range of solar panels are all CEC approved products. This means you can get a nice reduction on your upfront costs which makes off-grid even more attainable.

The SunRise battery systems are designed to meet current and future government support programs such as the battery rebate in Victoria. The product itself is CEC approved as a battery energy storage system (BESS) under their Battery Assurance Program. You can download a PDF file of all approved batteries by clicking here.

Want To Know More About Off-Grid Power Solutions?

If you are interested in learning more about going off-grid and what RedEarth’s range of off-grid power solutions can do to help you achieve this we recommend giving us a call on 1800 255 474 or contacting us online. Our expert solar consultants are on hand to provide you with any information you might need and offer valuable insights into what you can expect.