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Gen3 – Sungrow’s New Generation of Solar Inverters

Solar mainstay Sungrow has released its new generation of inverters dubbed Gen3, looking to build on its reputation within the industry. Long considered one of, if not the best inverter manufacturers in the industry, Sungrow set out to make an improved product line that focused on safety and increased performance features. We have been using Sungrow inverters for almost a decade now and have been excited to see this updated range hit the market.

Sungrow’s new generation inverters include all models between the SG2.0 and 10RS. This includes 6 models, meaning consumers can find the right inverter to suit their household or business energy needs. As the new generation sports an increased number of safety features and improved design, Sungrow has also seen fit to raise the warranty period, from 5 years to 10. The increased warranty combined with improved update management make it an extremely consumer friendly bit of kit.

sungrow gen3 inverters

Compatible with high power PV modules and bifacial modules

Your solar inverter is the heart of your solar system, playing a vital role in delivering power gathered from your solar panels. Sungrow’s new generation can cater to a wide range of solar PV modules (solar panels) which makes it an incredibly versatile solution. We are starting to see more and more high power panels enter the market, with bifacial panels being around for a while now. As these inverters can cater to a wide range of panels, they are great for replacing older or defunct models.

sungrow gen3 inverter - more panels

Lower startup & wider MPPT voltage range

Startup voltage refers to the minimum amount of power an inverter can receive before it kicks in and goes to work. A lower startup voltage means your inverter starts working earlier in the day than other models, giving you more value from your solar. Maximum power point tracking (MPPT) lets you get the most out of your solar panels in all conditions. Solar is all about efficiency and these 2 factors make the new generation of Sungrow inverters a leader in the field.

Built-in smart PID recovery function

Potential-induced degradation (PID) is the performance loss that occurs in solar panels due to stray currents. A stray current is one that is flowing through paths other than the intended electrical circuit. While newer solar panels feature anti PID technology, having this recovery function built in increases the versatility of Gen3 Sungrow inverters. PID can result in a power loss of 30%, so having protection against it is nothing to sneeze at and should be highly sought after by value minded buyers.

sungrow gen3 inverter - PID recovery

Integrated arc fault circuit interrupter

An arc fault occurs when a small electrical arc jumps across a gap due to faulty wires or loose connections. While this is an extremely rare occurrence in solar, baking protection from it into the inverter is certainly something to appreciate. In extreme cases, arc faults can cause fires. Arc fault circuit interrupters act like “smart” breakers, using filters and logic devices to detect and break the circuit when it detects an arc. This feature is one of the reasons the Gen3 inverters are among the safest on the market.

sungrow gen3 inverter - arc protection

Built-in Type II DC & AC SPD

As the inverter is in charge of both sending and receiving power, having a surge protection device (SPD) is a must. The role of a surge protection device is to prevent the spread of overvoltages while protecting the loads at the same time. If you have ever checked your fuse box at home you will have seen SPD’s installed and these are no different. This is yet another safety feature and can help protect your solar system against the effects of lightning surge currents.

sungrow gen 3 inverter - surge protection

Sungrow Gen3 Inverters Look Great

While we value function over form, having an inverter look great while delivering unrivalled performance is fantastic. With a minimalist design, the Gen3 inverters are compact considering all the bells and whistles present. The clean, stylish front plate is adorned with a high definition LED screen for quick and easy data visualisation. The optimised heat dissipation design means the inverter runs silent, giving you even more options for location during installation.

Easy To Use, Read And Update

With an easy to read display and one touch control, the new generation of Sungrow inverters are very consumer friendly. You can monitor its performance online, with real time data being refreshed every 10 seconds. Updates can be performed wirelessly and the inverter can provide an online IV curve scan and analysis for those solar nerds out there. It is worth noting that solar inverters are, for the most part, a set and forget piece of technology but having these accessibility features is a great bonus.

Sungrow Has Created A New Benchmark For Solar Inverters

The new generation of Sungrow solar inverters represent the next stage of evolution for the solar industry. All technology goes through similar phases when first being adopted. The initial products are based around function, with the bare bones of what is needed to get the job done being packed inside any packaging that can fit it. Over time we see safety and performance features added as manufacturers look to improve their products and set them apart from the competition.

The final stage is aesthetics and improvements to user access because this is the least important aspect of technology but also part of the product’s refinement. The Gen3 solar inverters are packed with safety features that protect the system and guarantee reliable delivery of power to your home or business. Lower start up voltages and PID recovery mean more efficiency from your solar setup which dramatically increases the value you get.

Get A Quote On Solar Systems Using The Gen3 Solar Inverter

We have used Sungrow inverters since we started Global Solar and have always been impressed by their reliability in the field. Customer response to the Gen3 solar inverters has been fantastic so far and we don’t expect that to change anytime soon. We can supply and install Gen3 solar inverters as part of a package or individually for those wanting to upgrade their existing installation. We offer obligation free quotes for residents and businesses looking to make the change to solar.

To talk with an experienced solar consultant about the Gen3 inverter range from Sungrow, call 1800 255 474. You can also get in touch with us online by filling in our quick quote form here.