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Solar Panel Thermal Inspection

Have you noticed a drop off in your solar system’s efficiency? If so it might be time to arrange a solar panel thermal inspection. While that is a mouthful in of itself this new service provided by Global Solar Solutions aims to give you valuable insight into how your solar panels are performing.

White it might seem counterintuitive to their purpose the fact is solar panels become less efficient as they heat up. This is much the same as any other electrical component but can be more of an issue with a product that is designed to be installed on the hottest point of your home or business.

The effect warmer temperatures have on a solar panel is measured by a “temperature coefficient” metric which is represented as a percentage or performance loss per degree celsius above 25. This effect comes into play in a country like Australia because as you well know, it gets a little hot here during the summer.

The impact that overheating solar panels can have on your system can vary from minimal to quite serious. At the very least it will impact the performance of your panels, lowering their efficiency. If things really heat up however, a current reversal can occur and this can potentially damage other parts of your solar power system.

What Is A Solar Panel Thermal Imaging Inspection?

You may have seen a thermal imaging device before. It is similar to a camera but instead of capturing light it creates an image using infrared radiation. More often than not people associate thermal imagery with military operations and while that may have been the case in the past we are seeing more and more use within civilian applications.

When using a thermal camera to view your solar panels we will easily be able to see what areas are overheating. We can also see any potential patterns occurring which will give us further insight into what we can do about remedying the issue. A really great benefit of thermal imaging is that we can catch any issues early on.

solar panel thermal inspection

Another great aspect to thermal imaging is the fact its non-contact and non-invasive. With a traditional solar inspection we will have to gain access to your roof, which means organising a time when you are home. A thermal camera can capture from the ground, a vantage point or we can even mount it on a drone. It is safer for our staff and there is less risk to damage to your property.

Because we are not touching the system at all we can perform a solar panel thermal inspection without needing to turn it off. Not only can we inspect your solar panels but the whole system too. Heat has an impact on all electronics so taking a quick scan with our thermal camera can help to find any other areas of concern.

What Can Be Done If My Solar Has Heat Spots?

If we detect any hot spots that are reason for concern we can suggest a number of different solutions depending on how your solar was originally installed. As an example we can potentially re-fix the panels to your roof using higher racking to give the panels more airflow underneath.

Book A Solar Panel Thermal Inspection Today

If you have noticed a drop-off in your solar system’s power output or are concerned about its performance in general then give us a call on 1800 255 474 to arrange a thermal inspection. We can arrange a time that suits you. You can also choose to contact us online and we will get back to you as soon as possible.