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What Size Solar System Do I Actually Need?

The most common questions we get asked by people looking to make the change to solar is what size solar system do I need? With a million ads all over social media throwing figures left and right it’s easy to become a bit overwhelmed when looking for the right solar setup for your household.

How much power a home uses varies a fair bit and is dependent on a number of factors including size of the home, insulation, how many people are living there, pools and heating methods. All of these different sources of power draw combine to make up your dreaded power bill and it can add up quickly.

The average Aussie family household comes in at around 19KWh per day which translates to roughly $2500 a year in power bills. Obviously as the family and home size increases so does the bills. A large home fitted with ducted air conditioning running full time during our hot summers can mean above 50KWh a day which comes to around $5,500 per year.

How We Work Out What Size Solar System You Need

Luckily for us there is a very easy way to work out what sized solar power system will need and that is to take a look at your power bill. As annoying as they are, we can gather valuable insights from them such as whether your power consumption is increasing or if it is higher or lower at different times of the year.

Once we have a baseline for your home we can then go over any upcoming changes to your household that might impact your power consumption down the line. Perhaps a child is leaving home or you are intending on getting a pool installed. These factors will raise or lower your power needs and should be factored into the system being installed now.

The amount of sunlight that your home is expected to receive is also a variable that should be considered. Queenslanders get a lot of sun, a whole lot of it in fact, which means they can expect a 1kW solar system to pump out about 5kWh of energy a day. Those in Melbourne can expect to get a little less sun and therefore adjustments need to be made.

A General Overview Of What Your Chosen System Can Power

what size solar system


This will accommodate quite a bit of your traditional home appliances and power needs including a fridge, dishwasher, computer and your household lights. You should also be able to run an entertainment system including TV and stereo. The oven and stove will have you coming back to the traditional grid unless you have a solar battery installed.

what size solar system


If you are a single person household this size of system should suffice. With a 2.5kWh system you can take care of all of your household needs including appliances and lighting. Depending on your method of heating and cooling the home you may need to draw from the traditional power grid if you are running a hefty air conditioner often.

what size solar system

3.5kW +

This is the most common size of solar power system and will provide enough power for your home to be self-sufficient when it comes to energy. They also allow for a bit of wiggle room should your power needs change down the line. For those wanting to run the air conditioner around the clock a 5kW system combined with solar storage is right on the money.

Budgets, Rebates & How These Impact The Size Of Your Solar System

Depending on where you live in Australia there may be incentives and rebates for going solar. These can range from the much lauded Small-scale Renewable Energy Scheme which awards you STC’s (small-scale technology certificates) that can help offset the initial cost of having solar installed. The amount of STC’s you are awarded depends on the power output of your solar system and when it is installed.

Queenslanders can take advantage of a feed-in tariff where any excess energy that is not used during the day is fed back into the traditional power grid. You are in turn compensated for this power which helps offset either any power you draw from the grid or the solar system itself. We have written an article looking at the Queensland solar Feed-in tariff so for more information head over there.

Melbournians (is that a thing?) can take advantage of a few different rebates through an initiative set up by Solar Victoria called the Victorian Solar Homes Program. It’s quite robust and has something for everyone including homes, businesses and landlords including interest free loans. For more information about Victorian solar rebates check out our article on them.

Talk To A Solar Consultant To Find Out What Size Solar System You Need

Global Solar Solutions has solar consultants on hand to assist you with any information you might need and provide valuable insights that will help you choose the right solar system for your home or business. We offer a no pressure approach and will work with you to gather all of the relevant information needed to make the most informed decision possible.

If you would like to chat with any of our experienced consultants just give us a call on 1800 255 474. If you would like to have us get back to you at a time that suits you, hop on over to our contact page and fill in the form.