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Sydney Solar Power – Solar Panel & Solar Inverter Packages

Residential Solar Power Systems in Sydney

Global Solar Solutions deliver a range of complete solar power systems to residents across Sydney. Initially our expansion into Sydney was just a trial but our commitment to quality in both product and service has meant we are rapidly becoming one of the top residential solar power suppliers in Sydney and the surrounding area. This is due to our focus on sourcing the best possible components including tier 1 solar panels and state of the art solar inverters.

All of our products come with warranties on both the component and on our installation which is carried out by qualified, expert electricians that have been specialising in solar for years. This means you get peace of mind that you are covered down the line should something happen regarding your new solar power setup. We are also an accredited member of the Clean Energy Council which means you are protected from shoddy service and false claims.

Sydney experiences a good amount of sun throughout the year much like most of Australia. While it doesn’t experience the same amount of sunlight as say, Brisbane, it still gets more than enough to make converting to solar energy an easy decision. With energy monitoring apps and smart homes becoming more prevalent this only increases the potential savings and benefits you can get from your solar power in Sydney.

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We also provide maintenance, repair and cleaning of existing solar panels including those who have experienced storm damage. If you have noticed a drop off in the power being generated or the efficiency of your system is deteriorating then arranging an inspection of your system is recommended. We will carry out a detailed inspection of your solar panels, inverter and connected wiring to find any areas that need repair or replacement and can provide you with a thorough report of what needs to be carried out.

Sydney Commercial Solar Systems

The installation of a solar power system in your business or commercial space can make a world of difference to both your bottom line and the public’s perception of you. It is now an accepted fact that we need to find better ways to power our society and making the change to a clean and green energy is a great way to attract potential clients that value that kind of forward thinking.

Aside from public approval, the change to solar also does wonders for your bottom line. Business is a numbers game and it will never be a bad idea to reduce your outgoing which commercial solar solutions can certainly help with. A great feature of solar is the fact it can be expanded upon with ease down the line. This means you can make the best possible choice for your business now with no fear of regret down the line.

We offer a suite of solar packages for businesses in Sydney and can find the right setup to suit your exacting needs. We can arrange a time to carry out an inspection of your commercial space to determine the best course of action to take regarding the installation of solar panels and inverters. Once we ascertain the right package for your business we can then arrange the best time to carry out the installation so that it has a minimal impact on your day to day.

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Global Solar Solutions are also accredited members of the CEC or Clean Energy Council. The CEC is an organisation that protects consumers from dodgy practices regarding solar products and their installation. Being an accredited member of the CEC means you make the commitment to the highest quality of service possible and protects the consumer from misleading advertising. This means you can enjoy the confidence in knowing everything is on the level.

Sydney Solar Panel Sales & Installation

Global Solar Solutions can provide and install top of the line solar panels to either your home, business or both. All of the panels we stock are Tier 1 and have passed our own quality benchmarks through time and experience in the industry. We work with reliable and proven manufacturers that have lasted the test of time in an industry that has seen many companies come and go with regards to panel production.

By taking a look at your current power usage we can ascertain the best plan for you based on your desired output and roof space. We want you to get the most out of your solar setup and will work with you to establish the best course of action based on optimal results. As mentioned the quality of the panels we use from supplies such as Seraphim are of the highest standard and their modular nature means we have incredible flexibility when it comes to getting the most out of the sun.

Once we have established the right solar power system for your Sydney home or business we will then carry out the installation which is conducted by expert and qualified electricians. They have worked exclusively in solar for years and have experienced almost every challenge a panel install can present. We use the best in solar racking to secure the panels to your roof without damage and all of our work is carried out with a safety first focus.

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If you are experiencing a drop-off in efficiency or are concerned that a recent storm has caused damage to your panels then you can also give Global Solar Solutions a call to organise a solar panel inspection for your Sydney home or business. We can provide you with a report that outlines everything we feel needs correcting and can carry out the repair or replacement of any damaged panels at the best possible rates.

Solar Inverter Sales & Installation in Sydney

When most people think of solar they picture panels but the solar inverter is an incredibly important part of the whole package. Making sure you have a great quality inverter means you will be getting the most out of your entire system. We take the same approach as panels when it comes to finding the best possible product and make the decision on what we stock based on performance over time.

The inverter can be thought of as the brain of your system. It takes the power delivered by the panels and converts it into usable energy for your home or business. It then feeds the power to your home and can even move it back to the grid for others to use. Depending on the model of inverter you get you can also monitor your solar power systems output so you can make better decisions about power usage and delivery. An inverter gives you complete control over the distribution of power throughout your home.

Depending on your situation you may want to add additional components to your solar setup like batteries. As we generate all of our solar power during the day a battery lets us store what isn’t used so we can continue to benefit from solar power into the evening. This increases the savings we gain from our solar power system and gives it more flexibility in application.

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Monitoring applications can also work with additional components like batteries to give us control of when power is stored and delivered to the home. If you find you are out at work for most of the day with little appliances actually running then you can choose to store the majority of power for evenings where your load will be heavier. Its about giving you choice and control and with this comes the opportunity to understand your home or businesses power needs.

Solar Power System Packages for Sydney Residents

While we supply a range of products we also offer a suite of packages to offer businesses and residents to make the job much easier when it comes to finding the optimal setup. The packages are based around power output which means you can find the system that will meet your needs, even leaving a little space for you to grow into should you wish to start feeding more back into the grid.

If you are looking to get a quote for solar power in Sydney then we encourage you to give us a call on 1800 255 474 or fill in our online quote form to arrange a time to talk with our expert consultants. Our sales take a no pressure approach and aim to give you the best information possible so that you can make the most informed decision.

All of our packages are quoted with installation included. Our electricians will arrive on site and carry out an inspection of the roof to determine the best placement for your panels (usually to the North) so that they get the most sunlight. We will then secure the panels to your roof with “racking” and run the new wiring through your roof to the inverter. The inverter can be placed pretty much anywhere in your home provided it has easy access.

All of our work is guaranteed and we take great pride in the fact we deliver the best possible customer service.
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