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Brisbane Solar Power – Solar Panel & Solar Inverter Packages

Bisbane Solar Panel Sales & Installation

Queenslanders are uniquely placed to get the most out of their solar panels. Given that we are entering yet another punishing summer it may seem obvious that we get a lot of sun up here and it’s true. Brisbane gets a massive amount of solar exposure on a daily basis which means we can get the most out of our home solar panels. With over 30% of homes in Brisbane now featuring solar panels its clear that residents and businesses throughout Queensland are taking advantage of our place in the world and Global Solar Solutions are at the forefront of delivering the best in Brisbane solar power packages.

Global Solar Solutions are able to provide what we feel are best in class Tier 1 solar panels to Brisbane residents at fantastic prices with a range of packages available. By taking a look at your current power bills we can get an idea of your current power usage and present you with a system that perfectly suits your needs. We then need to carry out an inspection of your roof to find the best place possible for placement which is incredibly important.

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All of our solar panels come with warranties on both the panels themselves and their installation. Over our time in the solar industry we have worked on just about every type of home and roof out there. We will find the best way to attach your new solar panels to your home with no damage to your roof. We can install solar panels on multi storey homes and always operate with a safety first focus.

Global Solar Solutions also offers solar panel repair and replacement in Brisbane. This includes solar panels damaged by hail or storms.

Brisbane Solar Inverter Sales & Installation

The 2 main components for any solar power system are the panels and the inverter. The inverters job is to take the energy collected by your solar panels and convert it to usable power for your home or business. Making sure you have a great inverter is vital to getting the most out of your solar system as it will help to improve the efficiency of your system. We offer a range of solar inverters for Brisbane residents and businesses that are all backed by warranty on both the product itself and the installation.

It helps to think of the inverter as the “brain” in terms of your solar power system. While its primary use is the conversion of energy modern day inverters can also be networked with your computer or phone to provide useful data on the performance of your solar system. It will notify you of any errors which means you are always in the know and have peace of mind that your system is performing at the best possible level.

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Inverters can also be paired with batteries to help manage the delivery of power generated by your solar panels. By viewing usage data from your inverter you can then dictate when power should be delivered to your Brisbane home or business and when it should be stored for future use. This means you can store most of your solar power during the day when you are at work and have it continue to power your home when you return in the evening with the sun down.

Residential Solar Systems in Brisbane

Global Solar Solutions are able to provide a range of residential solar systems to Brisbane residents at great prices. Depending on your power needs we can get you the right configuration of tier 1 solar panels combined with an industry leading inverter to give you the most efficient solar system package possible. We have taken the time to ensure each of the components we use pass our own stringent quality control tests and are not only among the best in class but are able to withstand the severe weather we have come to expect during storm season in Brisbane.

Our focus on quality does not end when it comes time to the installation and setup of your new solar power system. Global Solar Solutions are accredited by the Clean Energy Council which means we have made a commitment to the highest standards in quality control and customer satisfaction. Our unique position as one of the leading solar power companies in Brisbane means we have the opportunity to set the bar as far as customer service goes within our industry. We offer expert solar panel installation as well warranties on products, performance and labour.

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We also offer a range of solar power services in Brisbane such as solar panel cleaning, maintenance, repair and replacement all of which are carried out to the highest standard possible by expert electricians that specialise in solar power. If you have noticed a drop in your solar power systems efficiency then it might be a good idea to give us a call to arrange an inspection. We can take a look at the setup, check the condition of the panels and the inverter and give you a report that outlines every step you need to take to get your solar power system back on top.

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Brisbane Commercial Solar Systems

When it comes to running a business almost nothing is more important than your bottom line and this is why choosing to run your Brisbane business on solar power is a great idea. No matter the type of building you work out of, Global Solar Solutions are able to provide a complete solar power solution with packages featuring a range of output so you can get the right system for your needs. Our Brisbane commercial solar systems are flexible because everyones needs are different and all of them can be expanded as time goes on should you need to use more power.

Our approach to installation and service of commercial solar systems is the same as residential systems; we value customer satisfaction and quality control above all else. We can arrange a time that suits you to visit the site and discuss what your needs are and what you expect from your new solar system. Once we have arrived at a quote you are happy with we can then work out the best time possible to carry out the installation. Don’t work on weekends? We will! This means your new system can be installed with no downtime for your business.

We offer financing and all of our products and labour are covered by warranties so you have peace of mind that your new commercial solar system won’t be causing any headaches should something go awry. The opportunity to run your company with solar power is not only a great decision for your budget but also for your image. Being able to reduce your carbon footprint is something that clients will approve and is becoming increasingly more important to consumers as time goes on.

Solar Power System Packages for Brisbane Residents

In order to make things easier for you we have a wide range of packages available to choose from that all come with installation included. Our solar packages for Brisbane residents are set in increments based on their power output which means you can pick the right one to suit your existing power usage.

Our experienced solar consultants are available to discuss your needs and their expert knowledge means they can work with you to establish exactly what your requirements are. This includes any features you may be interested in such as inverter reporting and battery systems. Our goal is to provide you with the best possible solar power package that covers all bases.

When we have arrived at your perfect package we then carry out the installation with our team of electricians that specialise in solar. Each component of your Brisbane solar power system package is covered by warranties and so is our labour. As well as industry standard guarantees, Global Solar Solutions are an accredited member of the Clean Energy Council. This means all of our work is subject to stringent quality control and the consumer is protected against any kind of fraud.

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To talk with a consultant about having a solar system installed on your Brisbane home or business you can either give us a call on 1800 255 474 or send us an online enquiry in order for us to arrange a time to give you a call back or send an email. Our goal is to provide your home or business with the best possible solar power package and we believe our strong focus on quality components and excellent customer service puts us at the top of solar suppliers for the Brisbane area.