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E5 Hybrid Energy Storage System

Blackouts can be a common occurrence in Australia particularly during the summer months when the use of air conditioning units pushes the grid to its limits. The fact is no matter when a blackout happens it is at best an extremely annoying situation and at worse will ruin your evening plans. The new E5 Hybrid Energy Storage System (E5) solves this issue by allowing you to create a secure and safe supply of energy for use when the grid goes down.

The E5 is built to last with layered steel casing that is impact tested and includes 6 safety mechanisms in the Panasonic battery pack that powers the unit. The inverter has an IP65 rating and the battery received an IP55 rating which makes it the safest residential energy storage device on the market.

The inverter and battery are accompanied by the S4 monitoring system which seamlessly integrates into one package that provides a complete solution. The E5 is compact in design and offers both freestanding and wall mounting options for increased versatility. You can also expand the storage by adding additional battery modules in a daisy chain configuration.

Smart Monitor Self Consumption
Smart Monitor Peak Cut
Smart Monitor No Battery

Increase Efficiency With Smart Monitoring

The E5 can support a system addition called the Smart Monitor. This gives you the chance to monitor and manage your energy retention by choosing when you want the energy delivered to your household and giving you real-time stats of your battery.

You can choose 3 different modes at which your E5 system should operate:

Self Consumption mode is the default and maximises the use of self generated solar energy by storing excess power during the day when the sun is plentiful. This means when night comes you can continue to use your solar power without having to rely on the grid to keep you going until sunrise.

Peak Cut Mode discharges the batteries at a predefined peak level that is set by us when we install it. This means you can reduce your homes peak demand and use your stored energy at certain points during the day when savings are at their greatest.

The third mode is Battery Mode which has the E5 operate simply as an inverter, generating solar energy for the home during the day.

Blackout Busting Backup Solar Power Supply

Not everyone lives in a city and in Australia this is most certainly the case. Our large rural communities stretch across this great country and it is in these areas that reliable power can be hard to come by. The E5 Hybrid System can act as a standalone power supply which means if it is paired with a solar array it can power a remote household without the need for any connection to the power grid.

As the change from grid supply to backup energy is automatic and seamless the E5 will kick in straight away during a power outage so you can continue on without any interruption that a blackout might present. If for some reason you would like to use your backup power and the grid is still connected and operational you can manually change over to the stand-alone mode should you wish.

Panasonic BX Battery

Backed by a Panasonic Li-Ion Battery

When looking to create the safest package possible Delta turned to Panasonic for the supply of their fantastic battery solutions. A key player in the global market, Panasonic has dedicated decades of research and development towards making the best possible energy storage devices on the market. The BX 6.0 battery in the E5 system is reliable, safe and even water resistant which means it can be placed inside or outside your home.

The 18650 cell within the battery has been created using a range of different alloys which increase both safety and lifespan giving you peace of mind and greater value. when this is combined with the strengthened metal framework that can withstand 5000kg of pressure you end up with an incredibly robust backup power solution that will perform and its peak for years to come.

Global Solar Solutions Recommends the Delta E5

Our aim is to provide you with head to toe energy solutions for your home or business and the E5 system helps round out the impact night has on our solar solutions. This hybrid inverter package means you can truly go off grid and enjoy the benefits of solar power around the clock which further increases the savings you enjoy.

The E5 Hybrid Energy Storage System pushes solar power even further and provides incredible value that you instantly benefit from. Give Global Solar Solutions a call today on 1800 255 474 or fill out our online contact form to have a consultant get back to you to discuss how this hybrid system can benefit your household and provide you with a complete solar solution that never stops giving.

Delta E5 Inverter