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Get More Energy From The Same Sun With Seraphim Blade Panels

When it comes to maximising your solar systems output Global Solar Solutions use Seraphim Blade panels to get the job done. Backed by outstanding production quality and industry standard warranties Seraphim has become one of the most renowned names in the solar industry across the globe.

The key to this panel’s success lies in the half cell module which is cut by laser. When the cells are split into halves they generate a lower current which increases the efficiency of the panel significantly by reducing “cell to module” loss. This creates a higher output and reduces the impact of shade and low light making them extremely versatile.

Each Blade panel is made up of two solar cell arrays of the same size and makeup as opposed to the standard one. Each of these arrays have seperate current output which means when a panel is affected by shade 1 array will be producing full power as opposed to the entire panel’s output dropping.

The reliability and versatility of Seraphim Blade panels means it is perfect for use across various applications including residential, commercial and utility solar no matter the location. For residential clients the half cell technology means you don’t have to cut down your favourite tree to get the most out of your system. For commercial clients the same technology means a more consistent supply of solar energy which allows you to operate day or night without restrictions.

  • Enhanced nominal power with advanced half-cut cell technology
  • Less mismatch and shading impact higher power yield
  • Ideal choice for utility and commercial scale projects
  • Good for reducing hot-spot effect

Another advantage to the half cell module is the ability to replace and repair panels with a reduced cost. As the two halves produce a seperate current if cells on one are damaged the half can simply be cut and removed with the intact half still able to produce power. It is another feather in the panels cap that helps drive it to the top of the crop.

Seraphim Blade Solar Panels

Global Solar Solutions provides solar packages to clients from different sectors across the east coast of Australia. With such a large area to service we need a product that delivers great results every time and can meet the versatility required to perform regardless of outside factors. Seraphim panels produce the results we need to keep the standard of quality our company is known for.

For more information regard Seraphim Half Cell solar panels give Global Solar Solutions a call today or get in touch with us online and we will happily provide the answers you need regarding your solar power needs.
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