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Melbourne Solar Power – Solar Panel & Solar Inverter Packages

Residential Solar Power Systems in Melbourne

If you are living in Melbourne and are wanting to know more about making the change to solar power then Global Solar Solutions is your answer. We supply and install solar panels and solar inverters across the Melbourne CBD and surrounding suburbs. All of our products are high quality and proven to perform and our service is second to none when it comes to installation and customer care post installation.

At last check nearly 20% of homes across Victoria have adopted solar power as a way to reduce their power bill and help provide a better future for our planet. While Melbourne doesnt get as much sun as other cities in Australia it still gets more than enough to make the installation of a solar power system a smart decision. Over time the technology involved in creating solar power is becoming cheaper which means your outlay is reduced, creating more value.

Global Solar Solutions is also an accredited member of the CEC or Clean Energy Council. This organisation acts similar to a watchdog for the solar industry, ensuring the consumer is protected from fraud through advertising and from shoddy work when having your solar installed. We are proud to be a member as we feel their standards and values reflect our own while giving you peace of mind across the board.

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We not only supply individual components for solar power but also provide a range of packages for both our commercial and residential clientele. All of the products we stock are of excellent quality and have been chosen by us through years and years of trial and experience. Our panels are from Tier 1 manufacturers and our inverters are state of the art with inbuilt monitoring and app connectivity to give you fantastic insight into your homes power usage.

Melbourne Solar Panel Sales & Installation

We provide and install solar panels from respected Tier 1 manufacturers such as Seraphim based on years of experience with just about every panel on the market. The term Tier 1 gets thrown around a lot in this industry and is most commonly thought to be a grading in regards to the quality of the panel. Instead it is a grading of the manufacturer that produces them based on reputation and time in the industry. By choosing Tier 1 panels we make sure we are working with companies that will be here for years to come.

When you decide to make the change and put some panels on your roof we will send out our electricians to take a look. We need to take notes in regards to position, any shade spots caused by trees and other buildings, and work out which side of your roof is going to give you the best performance possible. The panels we supply are covered by warranty as is our work in installing them. We will use “solar racking” to attach the panels to your roof making sure no damage occurs.

We also carry out the inspection, repair and replacement of solar panels in Melbourne. If you are concerned about damage that may have occurred during a recent storm or have noticed you are not getting as much out of your system as you used to then arranging an inspection from us can be a great idea. We will arrive at your home or business and take note of any damage or deterioration that may be present. We can then present you with a report and outline what repairs or replacements need to be carried out for your solar panels.

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Occasionally we may be called out for an inspection or an expansion only to find the current installation hasn’t been carried out to Australian standards. Our position in the industry and being part of organisations such as the CEC means we cannot carry out any work on a solar power system that has not been correctly installed. Should we find this is the case we will make you aware and provide a quote to bring the system back into line. While this is a rare occurrence in regards to Melbourne solar power systems it is still worth noting.

Commercial Solar Systems For Melbourne Businesses

More and more businesses throughout Melbourne are taking up solar power as a way to reduce their outgoings in order to increase total profits. We offer a range of packages designed to meet the various power demands your business might have. Solar power for commercial clients is a great idea as most workplaces operate throughout the day which means you are placed to get the most out of your system. This reduces the need for batteries and other equipment.

Solar is not only a great choice for your bottom line but is also a great way to improve your image in the public eye. People are valuing environmentally friendly business more and more and making the change to a sustainable source of power is not only great for the environment but also makes you more appealing to a wide range of potential clientele. You can even advertise this in your marketing!

When talking with a Global Solar Solutions consultant you will need to provide your current power bills so we can get an idea of what your daily usage is. We can then work out what package suits you the best or create one that is perfectly tailored to your businesses needs. We provide obligation free quotes and operate with a pressure free approach when talking with any potential clients. We believe the savings and advantages solar power provides Melbourne businesses speaks for itself.

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Installation is always included in our quotes or commercial packages. We will work out the best placement for your solar panels based on sun exposure and let you know how we intend to go about the installation and any time-frames involved. We can then work with you to find a time that works best for your business so the installation can be carried out with minimal impact on your day to day happenings.

Melbourne Solar Inverter Sales & Installation

We also supply and install solar inverters to residents and businesses across Melbourne in addition to solar panels. Our inverters range from basic models to advanced which means you can find the perfect one for your needs including commercial solar inverters for businesses in Melbourne. All of the inverters we stock are covered by warranties and have proven themselves to be among the best in the industry such as Sungrow.

The primary job of your inverter is to take the energy gathered by the solar panels and convert it into a usable current for your home. It can be best thought of as the brain of the solar power system. Due to its role in the system it is vital to ensure you have a high quality inverter so that your system can be as efficient as possible which means you are getting the most value possible from solar power in Melbourne.

Depending on the model of inverter you go with you may be able to install an app that allows you to monitor and make changes to your solar power system. This has become an increasingly common feature in modern inverters and gives you the opportunity to learn about your home or businesses power usage. These apps can also be used to direct excess energy to the grid or control additional components such as a battery; telling the system when to store and disperse the energy it has gathered.

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We just mentioned batteries and for good reason. Your solar system generates power during the day and this can be great if someone is at home during these times so you get the most benefit out of it. If you work during the day then adding a battery to your system at little additional cost means you can store energy gathered when the sun is shining for use later when everyone is at home. We even have hybrid inverters that aim to cover all bases.

We have Solar Power System Packages for Melbourne Residents

We offer a great range of packages that are designed to meet the needs of both residential and commercial clients looking to take up solar power in Melbourne. Our packages are based around power output which means we can take a look at your current power usage and find the right package for your needs. This makes them a great choice for those who want to make a change to green, sustainable energy but don’t want any fuss.

All of our packages include installation so you can rest assured everything is taken care of. Our electricians are solar specialists and have seen just about everything when it comes to handling installs. We will work out the best placement for your solar panels in order to get the most sun exposure. For the placement of your inverter we can talk it over with you and find the best point in your home or business to place it so you have easy access should you need it.

The process of getting a quote for a solar power system from Global Solar Solutions is easy due to the fact we have data on hand from your previous power bills. This means we can work out exactly what you need and go over all the options available to you. The job of our sales staff is to give you the most information possible on any aspect of solar power. This is so you can make the most informed decision possible.

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We believe our focus on high quality products that are proven in the field combined with strict customer service standards makes us the best choice when looking to adopt solar power in Melbourne. Our proven track record in the industry and growth in Victoria demonstrates the competitiveness of our solar packages through word of mouth. If you would like an obligation free quote for your home or business in Melbourne give us a call on 1800 255 474 or fill in our online quote form to arrange a quote via email.