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Why Sungrow Inverters Are The Best Choice For Solar

With over 15 years experience in development and production, Sungrow is one of the leading manufacturers of solar photovoltaic inverters in the world.

Producing equipment for residential and commercial markets they have seen significant growth in market share due to the outstanding quality and function their inverters provide achieving up to 99% efficiency. A key component to this success is their emphasis on research and development which keeps the products they develop on the cutting edge of technology and promotes innovation that many other manufacturers are unable to attain.

Sungrow Solar Inverter

This commitment to quality and development helps drive the transition to sustainable energy in the home and workplace by giving owners peace of mind that they have invested in the best product possible backed by local support and warranty. Their commitment to efficiency, innovation and cost effectiveness puts them on top across the board when looking to invest in a solar power system and is the reason Global Solar Solutions has chosen them as our supplier of inverter units.

Lightweight and compact, they can be placed in a variety of locations in your home which means you can have it out of sight if you so wish. You can monitor its output via a smartphone which means you can check it from the comfort of your living room or while at work to give you additional peace of mind.

All Sungrow inverters are produced to international and Australian standards with a variety of models to choose from which means you can find the right unit for your budget without having to compromise on the quality and innovation that Sungrow are renowned for.

Sungrow Inverters also have inbuilt surge protection for increased safety as well as having a charge control function called MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) which maintains the highest possible power production from your solar panels which in turn gives you more value from the panels themselves. This means your inverter is increasing the overall value of your entire solar setup.

When you combine all the above qualities it is easy to see why Sungrow has become the largest manufacturer of inverters in the Asia Pacific region. In an emerging market such as solar there can be a variety of sub par products from manufacturers looking to make a quick buck. Over time these products are exposed and the cream rises to the top through consistency and quality. This is the story of Sungrow and their dedication to making the best solar inverter possible is helping deliver a more sustainable society across the globe with every new innovation.

Circuit Diagram

sungrow inverter circuit diagram

Efficiency Curve

sungrow inverter efficiency
Our choice to work with Sungrow is driven by our desire to have our products meet the same standards as the service we have become known for. For more information regarding Sungrow solar inverters or to talk to an expert consultant regarding making the change yourself give Global Solar Solutions a call on 1800 255 474 or get in touch with us online to get the information you need.