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Sungrow Inverters – Sales & Installation

Founded in 1997 by Cao Renxian, Sungrow has seen exponential growth every year with sales of their market leading solar PV inverters driving the company’s meteoric rise through the burgeoning solar power industry. 2019 saw Sungrow holding a 15% market share across the globe with products in 60 counties and a total install of over 82GW. This expansion has seen them establish offices across the world including Sydney in 2012.

Sungrow has centered its operations around a strong focus on customer service which is one of their core values. Their research and development of new technologies are based around the needs of customers based on decades of feedback. Sungrow develops solar power products for both residential and commercial clients and has helped to build large solar power plants across the world.

As homes and businesses across the world make the change to renewable power the need for flexibility becomes increasingly more vital. Flexibility in modern power solutions demands they be scalable in application. Sungrow’s products are able to integrate into existing grids and do so in accordance with all standards of certification. This means you can expand as you need with the best possible products regardless of who carried out your initial installation.

Sungrows inverters operate at up to 99% efficiency which means you get the most out of your solar power system. When paired with modern bifacial solar modules the inverters are able to monitor changes in sunlight coverage to make adjustments and find the optimal load for the solar cells to get the most power out of them.

Sungrow inverters are easy to install which makes our job easier but there is also a benefit to the end user in them being compact and lightweight. This means you have more options on where to install the inverter in your home or business.

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    Sungrow Residential Inverters

    Sungrow has developed next generation residential solar inverters based on decades of research and development. Combining lessons learnt through both residential and commercial applications of their inverters has meant the development of cutting edge technology that boasts industry leading efficiency. Residential customers get to enjoy all of the stability of a system built to power business while also having a number of quality of life improvements to make day to day use easier.

    Sungrow inverters could be classed as “smart inverters” through their inclusion of free and feature rich monitoring software that can be used through a browser or their own app. This application gives you a great insight into the power demands of your home so that you can make more informed decisions regarding power distribution. The bigger picture also lets you know what devices in your home are costing you the most to simply be in standby mode.

    All of the Sungrow residential inverter range carry safety features to give you complete peace of mind. They feature built in surge protectors which is a vital component in Australia due to the significant storm seasons we experience every year. They also come with residual current protection which is a device designed to prevent electrical shocks when touching something that is “live” as well as helping to prevent electrical fires.

    Throughout our time in the solar power industry we have seen many companies come and go as it rapidly expanded. Over time we have worked with just about every brand to come to market and our own stringent quality control standards mandate we find the best possible products to back up our renown customer service. Sungrow inverters have proven themselves to perform at the best possible standards while also being extremely budget friendly.

    sungrow residential inverter
    sungrow solar inverters

    Sungrow Commercial Inverters

    Large scale solar installations have seen a massive uptake in recent history as technology improves to make solar a great choice for renewable energy in commercial applications. Sungrow’s commercial solutions are state of the art with features such as smart active cooling technology. This combined with other features such as high network and system protection makes them an incredibly sound choice for those who are concerned with staff safety.

    Sungrow’s commercial solutions are delivered in a range of outputs to suit the exacting needs of your business. With inverters ranging from 10 to 110 kW you can find the right one for you and the flexibility of their systems means you can seamlessly expand when needed to suit your growing power demands as business ramps up. Their commercial inverters are suitable for a high DC/AC ratio of up to 1.5.

    Another layer of safety comes from their high weathering and corrosion resistance in case the inverter is to be placed in an exposed location.IP66 and C5 corrosion protection mean you can rest assured destructive elements like salt carried through the air are not eating through vital components. Though the compact design and sturdy mounting points make the inverters easier than ever to install in tight spaces they are still flexible enough to be placed outside should the need demand it.

    Commercial users can also get access to iSolarCloud for easy monitoring and management of your power plant. The software gives you the ability to remotely monitor and control transformers, conversion systems, combiner boxes and up to 10 inverters giving you unprecedented control. All of this is protected by an integrated hardware firewall to keep everything both safe and secure.

    sungrow commercial inverter
    commercial inverter

    Sungrow Hybrid Inverters

    Sungrow first introduced a hybrid inverter back in 2015 with the release of the SH5K+. Since this release they have continued to add improvements such as back boxes and other features to make them one of the most affordable but reliable hybrid inverter manufacturers in the industry. As the demand for this type of inverter grows they continue to make strides in the development of more efficient hardware.

    A hybrid inverter is different in that while it does still generate power in the same way as normal inverters it is also able to store this energy for later use. This design is meant to overcome the one significant drawback that solar power has: night. Solar panels need sunlight to collect energy for the inverter to convert and distribute. This means any power consumption carried out after the sun sets is coming from the grid and not your solar system.

    When you install a hybrid inverter you are able to dictate when power is distributed and when it is stored for later use. Most people will work during the day when a solar power system is generating all of its power. The hybrid system lets you store the majority of power generated in batteries for use at night when you return home and more devices will be online. It can also disperse excess power back to the grid during the day and handle the discharge of batteries to keep them safe and prolong their lifespan.

    A hybrid inverter can also function like a temporary backup power solution. Should the power supply from the grid be cut off through any means your hybrid system can kick in and power your basic appliances and lightning circuits until the power comes back on. Newer models such as the SH5K-30 feature instantaneous backup, being able to sense the loss of grid power and switch to their backup source in 20ms. This means they work like a UPS which is a great quality of life feature.

    Peace of Mind Warranties

    For additional peace of mind Sungrow is extending the length of its standard warranty as of the 1st of April 2020. Initially a 5 year warranty was in place on all of Sungrow’s inverters with the option to increase it to 10 years on some models. As improvements have been made to the various components across the board they are now able to offer a 10 year warranty on most of their new generation inverters sold in Australia.

    The increased warranty combined with a long and successful history in the development and manufacture of power conversion systems means Sungrow is a top choice for those looking for budget friendly reliability and performance. Their increasing market share demonstrates the value of quality and commitment to the industry in which they are flourishing. Finding stable partners to work with makes our job easier and gives everyone peace of mind.

    Looking To The Future With Sungrow

    Sungrow’s hybrid inverters are also making their mark on the industry with the SH5K-20 being one of the most popular hybrid inverters on the market. While it is not suitable for permanent off grid use they are releasing models with higher outputs in the near future to suit such demands. Their new 3-phase hybrids can be combined with scalable energy storage systems to push them to the top of the pack when it comes to flexible self sustaining energy systems.

    Commercially they continue to improve and build upon their solid foundations. The new range of CX string inverters have an ever increasing list of features such as cooling systems, IV curve scan, PV oversizing and PID recovery. If you would like to know more about these features and what they mean to your business do not hesitate to talk with one of our solar expert consultants. While it may seem like jargon blasting at first once you understand these improvements you will gain an appreciation for what they bring to the table.

    Sungrow continues to combine cutting edge technology with quality of life features to drive the solar inverter industry forward with every release. Their place in the market after over 2 decades demonstrates their stability as a manufacturer and their establishing of offices across the world is indicative of their commitment to the future of the industry across the globe.

    Sungrow Inverter Systems By Global Solar Solutions

    If you would like more information regarding their range of inverters for commercial or residential use get in touch with a Global Solar Solutions consultant to talk about your specific requirements. Our consultants job is to provide all the relevant information you may need and help with understanding how it all benefits you the user.
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