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Introducing Solar Hot Water Systems For Your Home

Global Solar Solutions is thrilled to announce a new arrival in our range of solar power solutions in the form of solar hot water systems.

Just like our solar power systems can provide your home with free energy harnessed from the sun’s power a solar hot water system can further increase your savings and add even more value to your home.

When we were looking for the right solar hot water system it was important that we find a product that not only delivers the best performance possible but also meets our stringent quality control parameters when it comes to the components used. Just like our solar power systems the hot water system needs to be able to stand the test of time and hold up to the severe weather we experience in Australia.

Envirosun – Smarter Solar Solutions

Envirosun is a company that focuses on one thing and one thing only, solar water systems. Rather than be a jack of all trades the company has made the decision to do one thing and do it extremely well.

Their tireless approach to quality components such as tanks, collectors and controls makes their products the best on the market and they are able to deliver the best performance possible.

Envirosun’s Active Solar (AS) range of pumped or active solar hot water systems offer greater flexibility, improved aesthetics and higher capacity, along with maximum efficiency and reduced energy costs.

Benefits of the AS system

  1. High performance active solar hot water system
  2. Roof-installed solar collectors and ground-mounted tank
  3. Tank can be located indoors or out
  4. Greater flexibility, improved aesthetics and higher capacity
  5. Latest collector technology
  6. Maximum solar absorption and storage in all areas

Backed By An Extendable 5 Year Warranty

Envirosun supports its customers investment with an industry standard 5 year limited warranty, however to ensure the best return on your new investment, Envirosun has an optional extended warranty with our new Magontec Warranty System when installed on the same day as your Envirosun solar water heater.

For more information on Envirosun’s Active Solar range download their product outline brochure.

Get a Solar Hot Water System Quote

While solar hot water systems have been available on the market for many years advancements in technology have improved both their functionality and reliability. Envirosun embraces these improvements and adopts many of these advancements to create the best product possible with a focus on performance regardless of your location.

To talk with a qualified professional regarding massive savings on your home electricity bill contact Global Solar Solutions today on 1800 255 474 of fill out our quote form and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible.