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Why Solar Panels Installation is Beneficial for the Gold Coast Region

The stunningly beautiful Gold Coast Region has had significant growth since the establishment of the Surfers Paradise hotel in the late 1920’s. The region has boomed in the last 30 years and the current demands on the Queensland Electricity Grid continues to increase.

Did you know that each household emits approximately 18 tonnes of green house gases each year? But, what does 18 tonnes of gas look like? It is easy to visualise what 18 tonnes of elephants looks like, but how would you visualise 18 tonnes of gas? It looks like about 14.8 acres of forestry.

But, there is good news! Living on the Gold Coast is the ideal location to have solar power panels installed. Why is that?

According to Solar Radiation data, the Gold Coast is the prime location to store solar radiation all year round. The average solar radiation to the region is 19-21 megajoules per square meter per day. Mega joules is a unit of energy, similar to other energy units that you may be familiar to seeing such as kilo joules. The radiation power that the sun generates per day, is enough to power an 100 watt light bulb 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for 22 days straight! That is an enormous amount of clean, green energy given to us for free from the sun. Imagine the amount of energy you will have as surplus!

What is possible with this surplus energy? The surplus energy will firstly, reduce your electricity bill by reducing the amount of energy you purchase from the grid, and secondly, the excess energy that your household does not use, you can sell to the electricity grid. So, essentially, your solar power panels are paying themselves off!

Taking the opportunity to contribute to the preservation of your beautiful region, improves the quality of you and your family’s life. Living in peace and harmony alongside the beautiful beaches, ecosystems, World Heritage Listed national parks and marine life is life worth living for. There is no better feeling than having solar panels installed on your property knowing you are contributing to clean, green energy for this generation and many there after! With your solar panels paying themselves off, what a wise investment of your money!

With H and B Group “Our mission is to provide the highest quality, safe and reliable solar power services at a lower cost than our competitors.” All our solar systems provided are guaranteed to be Tier 1 panels, quality inverters and overall individualistic quality and services. We offer a 10 year guarantee on our workmanship and all our panels are guaranteed from between 25 and 30 years! With our extensive range of products, we will find the best solution for your individual needs, whether they be residential, rural, commercial or industrial sites.