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Shane Jacobson Goes Solar With Global Solar

Recently we had the pleasure of installing a brand new solar power system at the home of renown Aussie actor Shane Jacobson.

This larger scale residential project features an array of panels secured by Clenergy ground mounts just next to the home. This allows for perfect placement in relation to the optimal amount of sunlight that reaches the property.

In total Shane is able to draw 13.2kW of the sun’s energy through his 36 Powerwave solar panels which is then directed through his Fronius Symo 15kW solar inverter. All up this has saved Shane over $1000 per quarter so far.

shane jacobson solar

The Shane Special Solar Package Offer

In order to celebrate this project’s successful completion we decided to put together a fantastic offer containing the same brands that we used to carry out Shane’s installation. This is a limited offer with only 200 packages available in total.

The package includes 18 x 370w Powerwave Twin Power solar panels and a Fronius Primo 5kW inverter. This is more than enough for most people when taking up solar and is a great place to start for those just coming into the market.

The price includes roof installation which will be carried out by our qualified team of solar specialist electricians. That’s your panels, inverter and installation all for the limited offer price of $6900.

solar package offer

Powerwave Solar Panels

This special offer features solar panels from Powerwave’s Twin Power Series. These outstanding panels get their name due to the fact they are composed of 2 identical modules that contain half-cut cells.

Half-cut cells are becoming commonplace in the industry because by cutting the cells in half we are able to have a smaller current. A smaller current means we get less “Cell to Module” loss which gives us a higher output.

Having 2 separate modules joined means the panels are also resistant to loss of power through shading. Each half has its own current path so if one side is getting shaded the other is able to perform at full strength.

Powerwave is an Australian owned and operated solar brand with over 28 years in the industry. They are reliable, trustworthy and their products have never disappointed us in real world applications.

Fronius Solar Inverters

We have been long time fans of Fronius solar inverters and for good reason. They are an excellent performing product with impeccable build quality. The Fronius Primo is a compact single-phase inverter designed for residential use.

It features dual maximum power point tracking so you get the most out of your Powerwave solar panels. It has arc fault protection for added safety and integrated wireless monitoring for those looking to keep track of their solar systems performance.

The Primo is also smart grid ready which is excellent for those looking to take advantage of feed-in tariffs and other government solar initiatives. As with all Fronius products it features the SnapINverter mounting system for easy installation and maintenance.

We chose to pair the Fronius Primo with Powerwave’s Twin Power solar panels because both companies deliver quality products. When we supply and install a solar power system with these components we always do it with full confidence that it will deliver the best results possible.

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    Take Advantage Of This Limited Solar Offer

    If you would like to be one of the lucky 200 that get to take advantage of this great solar offer then fill in the form on this page to get started. If you would like to talk with an expert solar consultant you can also call us on 1800 255 474. If you do call, make sure to let your consultant know you are wanting the Shane special.