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Global Solar Solutions Featured On Open Homes Australia

Global Solar Solutions are thrilled to have been featured on an episode of Open Homes Australia. Showcasing the best in architecture and interior design, Open Homes Australia (OHA) is a lifestyle show that celebrates innovation and explores the best homes across Australia, detailing what makes them so unique. This means the work shown in their program is carried out by the best contractors Australia has to offer.

Recently they took a trip to Broadbeach to show off a beautiful home located on the waterfront that features a 12.5kW solar system whose design & installation was entrusted to Global Solar Solutions. Due to our diligence in making sure the solar installation was carried out to meet the same standards as the rest of the property, the system was covered in the segment.

Solar Power With Form and Function

While the goal of any solar installation is to cut down or eliminate your power bill, it is important that it also presents well and does not detract from your home’s overall aesthetic. This can be often overlooked by installers looking to get the job done as quickly as possible in order to move onto the next one. The Broadbeach property featured on the show has a “Hampton” feel and this can be at odds with modern technology such as solar panels.

Careful selection of panels and attention to detail during the design and installation process is a major part of our approach with the goal being to develop a solar power system that not only performs but also looks great. This means you get to save money while having a positive impact on the environment while also not lowering the price of your property. While this does take more time we feel that the results speak for themselves.

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Product Spotlight – AXIpremium HC 370 by Axitec Energy Australia

For this particular job we chose to use the AXIpremium HC 370 monocrystalline solar panel from Axitec Energy Australia. Featuring half-cell technology and beautiful black framing, this German engineered panel was perfect for the project due to its reliability, quality modules and fantastic appearance.

With a panel efficiency of 18.65% they are built to perform and their fantastic manufacturer’s guarantee was certainly factored in considering over 36 panels were used. The AXIpremium HC 370 actually comes with 2 guarantees; a 15 year 90% nominal performance as well as a 25 year 85% nominal performance both of which are ahead of industry standard.

Finding The Right Solar For Your Home

If you are concerned about the visual impact solar might have on your home we recommend giving us a call on 1800 255 474 to talk with one of our solar consultants. Their experience and intimate knowledge of solar components means they can work with you to determine the best possible setup to suit your building’s look and feel.

If you are concerned about placing form ahead of function you can rest assured; all of the panels, inverters and other solar products we stock have all passed our own stringent quality standards. We do not stock a product that has subpar performance and we take into account not only the manufacturing process but also consumer concerns such as warranties.

This means you can enjoy peace of mind knowing any recommendations our consultants make based on your home’s aesthetic are not just going to look great but will perform as well. We take this a step further in our uncompromising attention to detail during installation. Our qualified electricians are solar specialists that have been working exclusively in the industry for years.

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