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Global Solar Solutions Partners with carbonTRACK for Smarter Power Networks

As we work towards a more sustainable society it is imperative for like minded companies to come together to provide innovation that further pushes our reach towards a better tomorrow for everyone on the planet now and those to come. carbonTRACK specialises in energy management and developing leading edge technology that connects energy generators, distributors and consumers together, creating smart networks, Virtual Power Plants and developing smart grids that work together to distribute power throughout your home and business with the most efficiency possible.

The aim of this energy ecosystem is to close the gap between supply and demand. When dealing with solar power we see most of the energy produced during the day fed back out into the grid. After you have supplied the grid with a set amount of energy the rest is curtailed and lost. With carbonTRACK you can optimise the load when your solar is being produced and then have the rest stored away in batteries for use later in the evening when there is no solar power being produced.

carbonTRACK Smart Power Grid
Transparent Power Grid

Giving Your Energy Network Complete Transparency

By giving you “behind the meter” visibility you are able to gauge when your appliances or daily routine requires the most energy and when it is going to waste and you can then choose when to discharge batteries to compensate and further increase the savings your solar system already affords you. This whole process can be automated using carbonTRACK’s “hierarchical switching algorithm” so you can focus on the more important things in life.

This system creates a smart grid by using analytical engines and machine learning to determine the best course of action based on the information it is presented with. You can receive pre-emptive alerts if there is a fault or drop in efficiency so you can be ahead of the curve and select the response you feel is best. You can choose to recharge batteries from different sources based on rates and control how they disperse the accumulated energy to keep the power going to the right places.

Power in the Palm of Your Hand

With such a robust reporting application on your phone or PC you can monitor everything related to your home or business power consumption. Take a look at what appliances are using the most power and when so you can make the best choices possible and schedule loads to give you the most savings possible. The system can notify you when you have excess solar power during the day so you can choose to bank it in batteries or give the application your preferences and have it automated completely.

The system even integrates into Google Home Assistant so you can control it via your existing smart home system. Have devices like air conditioners turn on and off depending on your systems current power reserves and what time you are using it the most. This is unprecedented access to insights about your homes power ecosystem that enables you to make informed decisions about how much you are spending on powering your home or office.

carbonTRACK monitor application

Global Solar Solutions Help Power Virtual Power Plants

Global Solar Solutions have recently supplied our products to the setup of a large Virtual Power Plant (VPP) that links smart energy resources like solar batteries into a web based distribution network using cutting edge technology. These batteries are controlled remotely to produce and store energy depending on the grids demands. It’s about creating community sustainability where a neighbourhood can combine its resources to create an incredibly efficient power source that eases the impact of power demands across the country.

Not Just for the Residential Market, Welcome to Smart Business

Often a business will work tirelessly towards reducing overheads and therefore increasing profitability. With carbonTRACK on board a business can gain insights into when their appliances and offices are drawing the most power and what is behind it. With this information you can tailor a schedule that saves you money by managing pack loads and increasing supply by battery discharge to get more out of your solar during business hours and make you less reliant on the grid to fill shortfalls in demand.

By monitoring energy demand you can have your smart energy system draw power during lower tariffs to charge batteries that can then be used during peak tariffs. Store excess power during the day to power your store or workplace if you operate in the evenings. You can also spot issues such as increased energy demand from certain devices to determine replacements that will be more power efficient.

business power savings

Saving You Money Today While Building a Better Tomorrow

By working with carbonTRACK Global Solar Solutions have made the commitment to helping create a smarter energy network for everyone that needs it. Smart grid solutions impact not only those drawing power from them but also everyone else on the grid by reducing the overall load and demand which means a more sustainable future that is not reliant on fossil fuels and limited resources.