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Is Free Home Solar A Reality or Hype Myth?

Over our time in the solar industry we have pretty much seen it all. As with any emerging industry there has been a massive amount of start up companies offering fantastic deals that seem too good to be true and for the most part this is exactly the case. Solar is the same as any industry in that anytime the word “free” is bandied about you should be on guard for potential hidden conditions and trap falls that can often result in a bad experience.

Our love for solar and the benefits it provides means we want everyone to have as much information as possible that is both sound and unbiased which is why we even created an eBook to highlight the most common myths regarding a consumer’s entry to solar. We believe that solar sells itself with the numerous benefits to the environment and the savings it can in reality bring to your home.

Solar Power on Social Media

You might have seen ads appearing on your social media advertising free solar panel sales and installation. These ads usually cite some kind of new solar rebate and are often presented with a political figure to give you the impression that this is a government backed scheme that is totally above board. Any image of a government official that is not from an official site or social media account should always be viewed with skepticism.

solar sales offers

So is solar actually free? No. Can you recoup your spend on it? Yes. Do you need to be out of pocket? No

These are the facts and depending on where you live in Australia you could find yourself with a new solar setup on your home with your bank balance not moving at all. This can seem like it’s free right? It is by bending facts that disingenuous solar retailers release these adverts citing free solar setups. Let’s take a closer look at what is really happening when you make the choice to go solar for your home or office and why it doesn’t rely on a “new” rebate to make it happen.

First off there are very few new government rebates that offer financial incentives for solar. The rebates you will get to enjoy when buying solar have been in place for many many years. While there may be new offers popping up from time to time these are often restricted to certain states and apply to different components of sustainable power solutions such as batteries. For us to build value we simply need to look at what we have already been given.

The Australian Government has already issued generous and valid solar rebates and even created low interest loans that operate as a solar payment plan of sorts. This means you don’t have to be out of pocket to get your solar system installed and once it’s up and running we can take advantage of a natural edge we get as Aussies and that is the abundance of energy provided by the almost constantly shining sun.

The Advantages are Already in Place for Australian Homes

When we take a look at your home or business in order to get an idea for the right solar system to suit your needs we are able to determine what your average power usage is and create a solar array to meet this demand. As your solar provides excess power during the day we are able to sell this back to your energy provider so you not only save money on your existing power bill but also start to earn money from your solar systems power. Over time money you receive for your solar exceeds the repayments you need to make on the system or eclipses the outlay you made if you bought it outright.

The Truth is All You Need

If your total repayments for a year are $1500 and you make $2200 a year by selling excess power then you cover the costs and then some. This gives you “free solar”. This is why the current advertising trend is an extreme annoyance to genuine industry participants. You CAN make solar pay for itself and this is an extremely awesome situation that really doesn’t need to be sugar coated.

By taking advantage of legitimate rebates, low interest payment plans and our abundant sun you can have solar power in your home that generates revenue and helps keep the environment around for those to come. We think that sounds pretty great.